Short skirt sex underwear temptation photo video

Short skirt sex underwear temptation photo video


For modern women, sexy underwear is no longer just a simple "clothing", but a self -confidence, self and sexy expression.And the short skirts are sought after.Today, we will introduce a short skirt sexy underwear and show its temptation through videos and pictures.

brand introduction

Short skirt sex lingerie comes from a professional erotic lingerie brand "XXX". The brand is famous for its novel design, excellent material, and excellent quality.Its products are all over the world and are particularly sought after in the European and American markets.

Material Introduction

Crotchless Striped Sheer Pantyhose – 7306

The fabric of this short skirt erotic underwear uses a soft and comfortable velvet texture, which feels smooth and delicate.The fabric is added with high -pyramid fiber, which can closely fit the body curve and show the perfect body.

Style introduction

Short skirt sex lingerie design is very unique.The cup is made of sexy lace material, which has good breathability, and it also has good support.The short skirt uses longer design, which can cover the hips and make women more confident.

color match

This short skirt is the main color of the black underwear, with red lace and red belt to create a sexy and enthusiastic visual effect.The whole underwear looks bold and luxurious.


Putting on this short skirt sexy underwear, women can emit a strong sexy temptation.Under the rendering of lace, women’s breasts and waist curves are very obvious, releasing endless temptation charm.


This short skirt erotic underwear also comes with a beautiful lace chest, color and underwear.At the same time, there is also a messy coat with silk gloves, which enriches the combination of the product and perfectly interprets sexy.

Thigh High

Video display

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Gallery display

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Market recommendation

Because of its unique style and design of this short skirt, this short skirt has become one of the hot -selling products in the market.Not only is they sought after in the European and American markets, many netizens have paid attention and purchases in China.


In general, this short skirt sexy underwear is a very worthwhile product.Its material, style and color matching are excellent, and it can show the sexy temptation of women.If you are a modern woman who likes to try new products, show confidence and sexy, then this underwear will not disappoint you.