SM kimono sexy underwear

SM kimono sexy underwear

What is SM and kimono sexy underwear?

SM and kimono sexy underwear are a type of sexy underwear. It integrates the traditional kimono style with SM sex toys, allowing people to experience unusual sexual stimulation in this sexy underwear.This underwear is usually made of soft fabric, has a silk -like texture, and is equipped with a large number of silk bands and details to enhance its aesthetic and sexy.After comparison and research, the design of this underwear is quite practical and comfortable, and it is also very durable.

SM and kimono sexy underwear style

SM kimono and sexy underwear usually have many styles to meet the different needs of consumers.The most popular styles include:

Placium: This style of underwear has many bearded beard and twisted silk ribbons, and there are special metal rings.

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Binding type: This underwear has a series of binding accessories to meet the needs of customers’ different sex toys.

Calm type: This underwear has a variety of metal connectors for wrapped around the body and fixed.

SM and kimono sexy underwear fabric

SM kimono sexy underwear usually uses a variety of fabrics to meet the different needs of customers.The most common fabrics include:

Silk: Silk is a very soft, comfortable and smooth fabric.It has good breathability and liquidity, and is very comfortable and comfortable.

Gorgeous print cotton fabric: This fabric is soft, comfortable, and durable, and is also very breathable.

Beautiful satin fabric: This fabric is highly gloss, soft touch, and comfortable to wear.

SM kimono sexy underwear size

The size of SM and kimono sexy underwear can be customized according to different customer needs.They are usually suitable for most adults and meet personalized requirements by adjusting and binding accessories.


How to choose SM and kimono sexy underwear?

When you choose SM kimono sexy underwear, you should choose according to your body shape, personality and personal preference.It is very important to choose a size suitable for you, because too small size can cause discomfort, and too large size will reduce beauty and sexy.At the same time, pay attention to its thickness, smoothness and other factors.

How to buy SM kimono sexy underwear?

You can buy SM kimono sexy underwear in many erotic products stores and some online stores.When buying underwear, you must choose a good quality merchant. You can check the evaluation of other customers to understand their quality and credit.At the same time, we must understand the merchant’s return and refund policy before purchasing.

How to take care of SM kimono and sexy underwear?

SM and kimono and sexy underwear must be properly taken care of to maintain their sexy and aesthetics.

Cleaning: Do not use any cleaner containing bleaching agents. It is best to use special sexual products cleaner.

Save: Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature when storing, and can be stored in dry and cool places.

Replacement: If you often use SM and kimono sexy underwear, you need to replace it in time to maintain its freshness and quality.

SM kimono sexy underwear price

The price of SM and kimono sex underwear has changed a lot, which depends entirely on their quality and design.Generally speaking, the price of mid -range SM and kimono sexy lingerie is about 200 yuan, and high -end sexy lingerie single prices can even exceed 1,000 yuan.

in conclusion

SM and kimono sexy underwear is a very popular sex stimulating toy, which is loved by various needs and preferences.Regardless of their styles and fabrics, we need to pay attention to care and maintenance when using.