Small hat of wearing a bell sexy underwear

Small hat of wearing a bell sexy underwear


There are various styles and designs in the sexy underwear market. Among them, a small hat with a bell is a very popular sexy underwear.This small hat is composed of a small hat and one or more bells. It is usually made of soft materials, such as silk, satin or cotton.These small hats are used when the party, party or emotional heating is a good choice to increase fun and excitement.


The small hat wearing a bell, as a sexy jewelry, is mainly used to increase interest and stimulus.It can add some freshness and fun to the interaction between two people, which can increase the irritability and emotional communication of the sex process.


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A small hat wearing a bell is usually made of some soft, good texture materials, such as silk, satin, cotton, and so on.Because these materials are soft and skinny, high -quality materials can improve the comfort of underwear, making people feel more comfortable, confident and sexy.


There are many different styles and designs wearing a small hat.Some styles are composed of a small hat and a bell, and some are composed of multiple bells.There are many different choices in color and shape, including black, red, pink, blue, purple, etc.

how to choose

When choosing a small hat with a bell, you should consider factors such as material, style and comfort.It is important to choose the material and style that suits you, so that you can ensure that you feel comfortable and confident.In addition, the comfort of wearing a small hat is also an important consideration.

How to wear

When wearing a small hat with a bell, you need to gently put the small hat on your head, and the bell should be swinging freely.If the hat is not adjusted well, you can gently pull or rotate to the best position.Make sure that the hat is not procrastinating or too tightly makes you feel uncomfortable.


In order to ensure the quality and comfort of the small hat of the bell, it is necessary to clean and maintain regularly.Some small hats can be washed, but it is best to use warm water and light foam.In addition, do not soak the small hat for too long and dry it as soon as possible.If you need to do dry cleaning, it is recommended to send a small hat to a professional store.

Head Wear


A small hat wearing a bell can be applied to many different people, including sexy, confident, dare to challenge or seek freshness.This kind of sexy underwear can make you feel comfortable, confident and sexy, improve interest and stimulus, and help sex interaction and emotional communication.


When using a small bell hat, be careful not to be too hard to avoid scratching and damage to the skin.If you are uncertain about the time or frequency of wearing it, you can gradually increase the number of times.Finally, remember to clean and maintain before use to ensure its quality and service life.

in conclusion

The small hat wearing a bell is a popular sexy underwear. It is suitable for many people, which can increase interest and stimulus, and play a certain role in sexual interaction and emotional communication.Before use, ensure cleaning and maintenance, avoid excessive use, and help improve their quality and service life.