Taiwan Permanent Inforant Underwear MP4

Taiwan Permanent Inforant Underwear MP4

What is permanent erotic underwear MP4?

Permanent erotic underwear MP4 is an electronic sex underwear that can be controlled by smartphones or computers.This underwear can interact with the outside world through wireless network receiving, synchronization and play audio and video files from electronic devices.

The characteristics of permanent sex lingerie MP4

This type of sexy underwear has many characteristics.The first is the audio and video synchronization function.The built -in signal receiving circuit of the permanent sex lingerie MP4 can be accepted simultaneously with audio and video content to achieve audio and video simultaneous playback, allowing users to enjoy multiple stimulus when using.

Followed by wireless control.By using smartphones or computers, users can not only quickly and conveniently control the permanent sexy underwear MP4, but also operate information, car models, audio and video and other aspects.

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Once again, long working hours.Because the battery of the permanent sex underwear MP4 can be charged in a short time, it has a long working time to meet the needs of users.

How to choose the right permanent sex underwear MP4?

1. The material should be high -quality.Choose soft and comfortable materials to avoid being too hard or too strong.

2. Select the right size.If the size is too large or too small, it will not have a good experience.

3. View the format of the device support.Video and audio formats supported by permanent sex underwear MP4 are different, and you need to check the instructions of the device carefully.

4. Prefer to choose products with brand guarantee.Brand security allows consumers to get better after -sales service.

How to use permanent interest underwear MP4?

1. Charging.Before using permanent sexy underwear MP4, you need to charge it.

2. Install the software.To use permanent sexy underwear MP4 normally, it is necessary to install supporting control software on mobile phones or computers.


3. Regulate vibration and volume.Choose the vibration intensity and volume that suits you, and make yourself the greatest satisfaction through audio and videos.

The maintenance method of permanent sex underwear MP4

1. Pay attention to cleaning.In order to avoid the breeding of residues and bacteria, permanent sexy underwear MP4 needs to be cleaned on a regular basis.

2. Prevent tilt or fall.Try to avoid placing permanent erotic underwear MP4 in linen or other non -plane places.

The advantages and disadvantages of permanent erotic underwear MP4

1. Advantages: Permanent erotic underwear MP4 is relatively close, realizing human -machine interaction through wireless networks, so that users can enjoy more fun.

2. Disadvantages: The cooperation of smartphones or computers such as smartphones or computers. If the program control technology is not mature enough, it may cause problems such as unstable connection or unable to play simultaneously.

Permanent erotic lingerie MP4 market prospects

With the improvement of people’s demand for sexual life, the application range of permanent sexy underwear MP4 is becoming wider and wide, and the market has a broad future.At the same time, permanent interest underwear MP4 is also a relatively advanced technology, and its future development will become more mature and stable.

in conclusion

With the gradual maturity and demand of consumers’ sexual concepts, permanent sexy underwear MP4 will be widely used.Whether in the use of individuals or couples or the application of professional fields, permanent sexy underwear MP4 can make consumers feel more comprehensive sexual experience and higher satisfaction.