Take a video at home to video

Take a video at home to video

Interesting underwear is one of the most popular fashion items today, and shooting erotic underwear videos has become one of the most favorite things for fashionistas.If you also want to try to shoot sexy underwear videos at home, we provide you with the following skills.

1. Posten posture

An important part of the video of sexy underwear is the performance of the posture, so you need to choose a suitable shooting angle and posture before shooting, which can make your sexy underwear perfectly display.

2. Edit video

The effect of full -body mirror -style shooting videos is relatively single, and through editing and post -production videos, you can better display your sexy underwear visual effects visually.

3. Shooting equipment

Before video shooting, you need to determine the required camera equipment, including cameras, three tripods, lighting lights, backgrounds and other equipment, and using high -quality equipment will greatly improve the quality of the video.

4. Music selection

A music atmosphere that can produce passion and sexy atmosphere is very important, so the choice of music is one of the most elements that affect the video.

5. Video plot

You can choose some small plots to make your sexy underwear videos more interesting and attractive.For example, you can match some sexy accessories for your sexy underwear in the video, or match your sexy underwear into daily wear and so on.

6. Pay attention to the light

Good lights can make your video screen clearer and beautiful, so you must pay attention to the setting of the light and the reflection angle of the light to achieve the best results.

7. Video background

Don’t ignore the importance of the video background, choose a clean and tidy background, which will make your video more professional.

8. Video content

The video of sexy underwear also requires full display of chest, waist, hip, legs and other parts.Pay attention to the in -depth understanding of sexy underwear culture, and be beautiful and sexy and hygienic.

9. Practice in place

Before photography, it is best to do some exercises so that you can handle it in actual shooting.Understanding how to twist, rotate, and twist the body, these actions are not only the key to showing sexy underwear, but also reflect the sexy atmosphere you revealed.

10. Naturally

Whether it is a video plot or a personal performance, you must be natural when you swing your posture.


Take a sexy underwear video at home to let you show your fashion taste and beautiful figure, but also add a more sexy and interesting element to your fashion show.As long as we know these techniques, we can shoot high -quality sexy underwear videos at home.

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