Take your wife to buy a fun underwear to try on the video


Interest underwear is a very creative and sexy attempt between modern couples and couples.Most people’s experience of buying interesting underwear is not very happy.However, we will show you a new way to solve this problem today.We decided to shoot a video of we to buy sexy underwear.This process will be very real, because we will let you see all the links of buying and trying in sexy underwear.We believe that this process will be interesting and will bring some inspiration to everyone to buy sexy underwear.

The first part: choose to buy fun underwear

In fact, the difficulty of buying sexy underwear is not the choice, but to buy and try on.But we still entered a sexy underwear shop, selecting sexy shoulder strap underwear and lace three -point underwear.very beautiful.

Section 2: Trial process

After buying, we started trying on.It is very important to ensure that the size is appropriate for buying a sexy lingerie.We have been discovered from the first underwear that we have tried on the first underwear, and the size is very important.Because you can better highlight your figure.If the size is wrong, the real feeling will disappear.

Third link: comfort

Choose a close -fitting underwear, but this does not mean that you have to choose uncomfortable underwear.Over time, you will be more uncomfortable.It is important to choose underwear with good quality and suitable size.

Fourth link: style and appearance

Style and appearance are also crucial when choosing sexy underwear.Form your taste of underwear not only sexy but also fashionable.

Fifth link: pay attention to material quality

Sex underwear usually uses more materials, such as lace, silk, or leather. You should ensure that the quality and texture of the material meet your requirements.Make sure your underwear material does not affect your skin or feel uncomfortable.

Sixth link: price

With the continuous development of the sexy underwear market, you will find that the price you spend is also rising.Before buying, make sure the quality of underwear you buy is worthy of your price.

Seventh stage: diversity

The diversity of the sex underwear market is indeed self -evident.You can choose the style, color and size.Make sure you choose the characteristics and styles that are suitable for you.

The eighth link: suitable for you

Finally, make sure you choose your own.No matter what style you choose, you should choose the underwear that you feel very comfortable.This will ensure that you and your partner will not feel any discomfort or dissatisfaction when wearing underwear.


Selective emotional fun underwear is very interesting, but you need to ensure that the choice of the underwear is comfortable, suitable for size, good quality, diversification, and suitable for you.Take time to try to make sure you make the right choice.Pay attention to the latest sexy underwear trends at any time, join them, and let you and your partner have an unforgettable sex journey.

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