Taobao sex underwear fat model pictures

Quotes of sexy underwear on Taobao

Taobao is one of China’s largest online retail platforms and provides a variety of products.Many of them use model photos, many of them are more fat models with full figure.These photos can not only meet market demand, but also allow customers who like fat models to quickly identify key information.

On the benefits of using fat models

There are many benefits to using fat models. First of all, fat models are closer to the image of ordinary women than thin models, and better reflect the actual effect of sexy underwear.Secondly, photos with fat models are more likely to attract consumers who prefer fat girls and plump figures.Although most of these consumer groups are men, there are also photos of many women who prefer fat models.In addition, photos with fat models can also help to get more customers in underwear stores of various sizes.

Provide customers with more choices

Compared with traditional thin models, the photos of fat models provide more choices for customers, especially those consumers with large sizes, and they can hardly find the appropriate sexy underwear in shops that have not used fat models.Using fat models can meet the needs of these customers and meet them.In addition, photos with fat models can also help change people’s views on "sexy" and "beauty", so that more people accept different figures and appearances.

About the authenticity of the photo

Many people have doubts about the authenticity of photos used by sexy underwear shops.When using fat models, some stores may use large numbers of underwear and hold back to create a look of fat.However, this situation is not common, most stores use real fat model photos.In fact, customers can learn more about the product through the evaluation of the store and the express delivery evaluation.

Disadvantages: Whether the marketing strategy is suitable for all consumers

Although the use of fat models has many benefits in marketing, there are also adverse factors.Some consumers may be disgusted with such photos and choose to buy other shops.In addition, when taking photos, there may be a large gap between the physical and the photos due to information such as clothing, cloth system, etc., and you need to be careful when purchasing.

How to use photos

Photos is a very important decision -making factor when customers browse and choose sexy underwear.However, even if the fat model photos are used, consumers still need to pay attention to the differences between the physical and the photos.Therefore, before buying, consumers should take a closer look at products such as size and fabrics. Do not choose underwear based on photos.In addition, although the fat model is closer to real life, when choosing underwear, consumers still have to choose their favorite numbers and colors, because this decision is a manifestation of personal preferences and taste.

in conclusion

In general, for most customers, the sexy underwear shops using fat models are more attractive, because it is closer to the image of ordinary women, provides richer size choices and more style choices.

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