Taobao sex underwear model GIGI

Introduce gigi

GIGI is a model of the Taobao sex lingerie shop Glenn. She looks sweet and pleasant, and has a tall and charming figure. Because of her stylish spirit and elegant temperament, she has become a beautiful business card for her Taobao shop.

GIGI’s sexy underwear wearing

Glenn’s underwear series includes many different types, such as beautiful back clothes, sexy pajamas, sexy underwear, stockings, and so on.Among them, GIGI is best at, I am afraid that the queen -style sexy lingerie style is probably.She often wears a variety of sequins and laces on top of her clothes, not conventional hot pants and T -shirts.

GIGI’s underwear matching skills

GIGI likes to enhance her sexy underwear with bright colors and lace in a large area.In addition, she is often equipped with a pair of high heels to highlight her slender and charming figure.Most of this sexy underwear is suitable for slender body and confident character.

GIGI’s body advantages and disadvantages

GIGI’s height advantage makes her more advantageous and confident in wearing, and her plump upper circumference and hips are also troubles of many underwear.On the contrary, Gigi’s waist has made her need to consciously increase the sense of volume on some underwear.

Paragraph title: sexy underwear wearable skills

There are some techniques for sexy underwear, such as choosing underwear in your own size, and pay attention to the vitality and ductility of the underwear.In addition, if you want to wear sexy underwear outside, you can choose light and breathable fabrics, such as gauze, transparent lace, mesh, or silk, etc., "covering" dense and real, but it will make you look strange and uncomfortable.

Paragraph Title: The trend of the popularity brought by GIGI

The perfect unity of GIGI and the cute temperament made her a popular spokesperson for Taobao sex underwear.She activated this market and let more people know that underwear can actually wear such sexy and fashionable.She injects more buyers and new market demand into Taobao sex underwear shops.

Paragraph Title: How to choose the right sexy underwear

Choosing the right sexy underwear is often more difficult than ordinary underwear.Sometimes you don’t know which color or style is suitable for your skin tone and figure.In the process of buying, you can pay attention to some important factors, such as materials, cutting techniques and sizes.It is hoped that you can conduct detailed research and attempts according to the need to ensure that the style you buy is really suitable for your figure.

Paragraph Title: Gigi presentation method

To show Gigi’s sexy underwear, bare model display is not the best choice.A better way is to match high heels, expand background and project props.You can consider adjusting the light and angle to make the photography effect more beautiful.

Paragraph Title: How to clean up sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a very special clothing. Generally, hand washing is required, and some special cleaning and protective supplies are needed.Under normal circumstances, the treatment of details should be extremely careful.During the cleaning process, you can consider special silicon -free laundry fluids, or you can use a low -speed dried machine.However, it should be noted that it is not recommended to use extremely strong life methods such as bleach, holes, directly applied to high temperature surfaces, etc., so as not to destroy underwear materials.

Point of view

In short, sexy underwear is a dress that emphasizes sexy, gender and temperament, and is also a way to express personality and taste.For everyone, choosing underwear that suits them is very important to present their beauty and self -confidence through correct wear skills.And Gigi also passed on Taobao’s sexy underwear shops to pass on fashion party and knowledge to the majority of women who love beauty. It is known as the spokesperson and the source of the spokesperson for Taobao sex underwear, bringing us more popular trends and thinking.

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