Taobao sex underwear picture requirements

Brief introduction

There are many types of sexy underwear on Taobao, with different styles and designs, which dazzle many consumers.When choosing a picture of sexy underwear, reading the purchase guide will be very helpful.The focus of this article is the requirements of Taobao’s sexy underwear pictures.

Clear picture

First of all, the pictures of Taobao sex underwear need to be high and clear, avoiding pixel distortion, so that consumers can see the details and patterns on the product more clearly.This will help consumers evaluate the quality of sexy underwear and the size suitable for them.

Multi-angle display

Second, sexy underwear pictures should be able to display products at multiple angles.Consumers need to be able to see the front, back, sides, and different angles.This will allow consumers to better understand the design and quality of love linker, and avoid the risk of choosing inappropriate products.

Actual model display

Third, it is best to use actual models to display in sexy underwear pictures.This will allow consumers to better understand the effects of love underwear, see how to adapt to the shape of the body, make the color and patterns more easily revealed, so as to better understand the product.

Diverse color schemes and styles

Fourth, the pictures of sexy underwear should show diverse color schemes and styles.Different consumers have different preferences. Using a variety of color schemes and styles will make it easier for consumers to find their favorite products.

Detailed product description

Fifth, in addition to pictures, product description is also very important.Product description should be detailed, describing information such as the material, the applicable population, size, and washing precautions, which will help consumers better understand the quality and use of the product.

Praise and bad review information display

Sixth, consumer comments can provide more detailed information, and these praise and bad reviews should be displayed under the picture display.This will let consumers know the advantages and disadvantages of goods, and finally choose whether to buy sexy underwear.

Information about commodity prices (including promotional information)

Seventh, an important factor in consumer shopping is the price.Commodity prices (including promotional information) should be displayed before the picture and product description, so that consumers make more use of information to make purchase decisions.

Internet orders and payment protection information

Eighth, the security information of the website is important.Websites should show Internet orders and payment protection information.This will make consumers trust and reduce the risk of buying goods.

in conclusion

In short, sexy underwear pictures are very important for consumers’ choices.High -clear pictures, multi -angle display, actual model display, diverse color matching and styles, detailed product descriptions, praise and bad review information display, information information information, and Internet orders and payment protection information are all required. These information will beIt helps consumers to find sexy underwear that suits them and make better purchase decisions.

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