Tens of millions of asset guys make sexy underwear

Relying on sexy underwear to earn tens of millions of friends

On social media, there is such a person called "sexy underwear".Lifetime, but surprisingly, he has tens of millions of net worth.

After studying in Japan, he became a sexy underwear designer

This young man named Ye Hua was exposed to the design and production of sexy underwear when studying in Japan. He was deeply attracted by foreign sex underwear culture abroad.After returning to China, he began to work hard in the sex underwear industry.

From the confusion during the entrepreneurial period to the path of successful advancement

In the early creation of sexy underwear brands, a large amount of funds and energy need to be invested to establish a brand and sales network.The younger brother said that he was confused in the early days of his business: the product was unattended and the sales were difficult, and he kept trying to sell it.However, he overcomes all kinds of difficulties and successfully builds his sexy underwear brand into a popular brand in the market. Now his net worth has reached tens of millions.

Strategic Publicity: Just "exposure"

From the dynamics of the younger brother on social media, it can be seen that his publicity is strategic.His Weibo, INS and other Weibo accounts are direct marketing channels.The clothes and accessories in the photo are their own brands. Those who like him will understand his brand by paying attention to him.His photos usually expose some details of life, such as P’s juice, etc., which seem to be extremely self -display, but it is because of the details of life that makes people feel hidden in the product.

From intuition to market pain points: how to design a popular product

"Interesting Lingerie Brother" gave us a good design idea: putting the pain points in the market to customers, and exploring their real needs in depth.

Product design is often created based on user feedback.By depicting our understanding and possible solutions, we can estimate that the market’s understanding of our understanding and solutions to some extent.

Provide consumers with "benefits": create a family -like service experience

Under the rapid development of e -commerce platforms, the influence of celebrities is increasingly smaller, and it is necessary to provide a better shopping experience in a fierce competitive market.

The shopping experience of sexy lingerie is iconic.He provides consumers with a family -style shopping experience. Customers can replace underwear at will in the test room, and receive small gifts such as red wine and fruits at the same time enjoying high -quality services.

How to create a personal brand: increase network exposure

It is very important to open a personal brand for an entrepreneur.Interesting underwear promotes himself through social media channels in the early days of entrepreneurship.He has 1 million+ followers on Weibo, spreading all over China, and accumulating so many fans in such a short time can be said to be quite powerful.

Controversy: The negative impact of sexual relationship fun underwear

Sexual feelings may not be a good thing for some people.Some people think that it will make people’s office behavior, while others think it is a kind of materialization of a female body.

Although there is still controversy in the sex and erotic underwear industry, industry giants such as sexy underwear can prove that if we cut into our own differentiation and development rhythm in the early stage of the industry, we can build a successful and influential brand of brandEssence

The successful experience of sexy underwear little brother

Through the successful case of sexy lingerie, we can see the secrets of his success from some of his actions.

Related knowledge and experience in studying foreign brand design in Japan.

Strengthen the promotion and publicity of the brand, and rely on the rapidly developing Internet celebrity economy and e -commerce platforms.

Create a comfortable shopping environment, meet the needs and expectations of customers, and provide diversified services.


The successful experience of sexy underwear proves that the success of entrepreneurship requires true enthusiasm and efforts to succeed.You will encounter many challenges in your entrepreneurial journey, but only if you continue to pursue can you stimulate your true passion and motivation.

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