The 3rd Guangzhou Sex Underwear Show

Grand opening

The 3rd Guangzhou Fun Underwear Show opened at the Guangzhou International Conference Center this weekend.There are many participating brands, exhibiting a variety of sexy underwear, which has attracted the attention of many audiences and media.

Brand debut

Well -known sexy underwear brands from home and abroad have also appeared in this exhibition.Including sexy angels, temptation beauty, romantic flower language, European and American tones and other brands, it shows its series of sexy underwear products and combination recommendations.


This exhibition focuses on various fashion underwear products with various fashion trends, including pink series, black and white matching, mesh material, etc., which are popular with young consumers.In addition, there are many bold and stylish, unique and wonderful designs and materials, which have won many applause at the exhibition.

Popular trend

Compared with the past, the sexy underwear exhibited by this exhibition pays more attention to comfort and skin -friendly, and uses softer and more comfortable fabrics and more humane design.In addition, there are also some showing sanitary underwear and innovative materials for sensitive skin, which has attracted the attention and favor of many audiences.

Hall -level model

The exhibition also attracted a group of rookie and temple -level models to come to interpret the fashion and sexy of sexy underwear. Whether it is the graceful figure and charming expressiveness, they have left a deep impression on the audience.

wonderful perfomance

This time, the Guangzhou Fun Underwear Show is not only a platform to show sexy underwear products, but also many wonderful stage performances.Sexy dancers from multiple dance groups performed enthusiastically on the stage, making the atmosphere more enthusiastic and happy.

Business negotiation

As a business exhibition, this Guangzhou sex underwear show also provided an opportunity to communicate and learn from each other from the world.At the same time, it also injected new vitality and motivation into the development and upgrade of the industry.

Audience response

The audience at the exhibition site was enthusiastic, and many people expressed their gains. Not only did they see the latest trend of sexy underwear design, they also learned about many underwear knowledge for their own needs and physical characteristics.


This time, the Guangzhou sex lingerie show not only shows diverse sexy underwear products and trends, but also an opportunity to explore and discover your own.I believe that with the continuous development of the sexy underwear market, we will also see more and more exciting exhibitions and the launch of innovative products.

All of this further illustrates that Guangzhou has become an important center in the sexy underwear market, and the Guangzhou sex lingerie show is vigorous and developed rapidly.


The third Guangzhou sex underwear show ended in a beautiful laughter, and many exhibitors and audiences showed their strong strength and huge market potential.We look forward to the next exhibition, let us meet again in Guangzhou again.

Note: Interesting underwear is only a fashion concept, which has nothing to do with sex.

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