The boss sends a sex lingerie article video

The story of sending sex underwear begins

Recently, I met a female friend, and she told me a embarrassing story: her boss gave her a set of sexy sexy underwear as a gift at the company’s annual party.

Sexy underwear type introduction

Interest underwear generally includes branches, underwear, suspenders, dressing, etc., including some more sexy and exposed, including corset, G string, teasing dress, etc., which is completely different from the design style of traditional underwear.

Doubt about gifts

My female friend was embarrassed by this gift, and the image of her professional elite seemed a little decline in such unsuccessful occasions.At the same time, she also questioned whether such a gift was appropriate. In her opinion, sexy underwear was still very personal and could not be public.

The use of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is not necessarily designed for couples, and many women also buy and use themselves.Sometimes buying erotic underwear is just to find a feeling. Putting on it can add women’s self -confidence and sexy, make women more attractive, and show the most beautiful self.

Professional sexy underwear purchase platform

At present, there are many sales platforms for sexy underwear. From offline stores to online platforms such as Taobao and Jingdong, there are many sales channels for sexy underwear.However, due to the problems of quality and industry norms, it is recommended to buy on a professional sexy underwear purchase platform to ensure the quality of the product and the standardization of services.

Tolerance and respect for gender

Regardless of whether it is purchasing or gift, whether men and women are tolerant and respect for gender.Give gifts to understand the other party’s needs and acceptance, and pay attention to your etiquette and attitude, in order to play the effect of the gift.

There are many ways to give gifts

Sending a gift is more about the feelings and needs of the other party, not their own mood and feelings.When giving gifts such as love underwear, we must first determine the relationship between ourselves and the other party, as well as the other party’s preferences and acceptance, and also respect the privacy and rights of ourselves and the other party.

in conclusion

In today’s society, pursuing personality, protecting privacy, and respecting others is the rights of everyone, and it is also the responsibility of everyone.Social etiquette is not sticking to tradition, but to conform to the times and the hearts of the people. Considering the feelings and needs of yourself and the other party, you can truly play the effect of gifts and sexy underwear.

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