The difference between sexy underwear and swimsuit

The difference between sexy underwear and swimsuit

With the advancement of the times and the improvement of people’s living standards, sexy underwear and swimsuits have become indispensable fashion items in people’s daily life.Although these two clothing are tight clothing, they still have many differences. This article will explore the difference between the fun underwear and swimsuit.

1. Material

For sexy underwear and swimsuit, the most important difference is material.Interest underwear usually uses soft fabrics, including silk, lace and cotton to ensure its comfort and sexy. Swimsuits usually use fast -drying materials such as anti -chlorine fiber, polyester fiber, nylon to ensure that the swimsuit is in the water in the waterIt is not easy to damage and fade.

2. Design

In addition to materials, the design and style of sexy underwear and swimsuit are also separated and detailed.Interest underwear usually adopts gorgeous, luxurious, complicated but exquisite details and sexy structures, emphasizing the beauty and sexy of women’s bodies; while swimsuits do not have such design details, they are designed to be more simple to make activities and swimmingEssence

3. Use

Another difference is use.Interest underwear is worn in the bedroom, which aims to enhance the mood.The main role of a swimsuit is to use in swimming, providing users with a good swimming posture and transparency.

4. Color

In terms of color, sexy underwear is more diverse. You can choose any color you like, because in most cases, sexy underwear usually does not need to be exposed in public.The color of the swimsuit is usually based on bright and bright colors to ensure that the wearer can be seen in the water instead of drowning in the water.

5. Covering area

The coverage area of sexy underwear and swimsuits is also very different.The coverage area provided by erotic underwear is very small, and sometimes it can even be exposed in important parts to achieve a higher degree of sexy.The coverage area of the swimsuit is much more. Usually, the swimsuit will cover the earlobe above the ear, making you more comfortable when swimming in the water.

6. Function

Interest underwear and swimsuits have their own unique features.The main function of sexy underwear is to increase sentiment and enhance sexual interest; the main function of swimsuit is to provide protection for water sports, and increase speed and hydration ability.

7. Size

The size of sexy underwear and swimsuits is also different.The size of sexy underwear is usually more flexible, and they are more inclined to use some elastic fabrics to adapt to different women’s figures and sizes.On the contrary, the swimsuit is generally made of clothing codes to achieve the best swimming performance.

8. Accessories

Sex underwear usually comes with some sexy accessories, such as ultra -high heels, lace gloves or lace veils, etc., to enhance its sexy.Swimsuits usually do not require any additional accessories to ensure water power and speed.

in conclusion

In short, when choosing sexy underwear or swimsuit, many factors need to be considered, such as material, color, design, use place and functions to ensure that the selected products have the best comfort, sexy degree and activity ability.Many brands such as rose brands, Eveice, Jiyitang, and Nishizawa are produced by sexy clothing and swimsuit, meticulous hand -processed, soft soft fabrics, bringing you wonderful physical and mental feelings.

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