The earliest sexy lingerie show Suqi

The earliest sexy lingerie show Suqi

Su Qi is the pioneer of the Chinese underwear industry. She is not only one of the earliest designers to start sex underwear, but also one of the earliest people to hold a sexy lingerie show.


In the early 1990s, local underwear brands began to appear.During this period, Su Qi appeared as a underwear designer. She interfered with the market with innovative ideas and unique insights on the United States.

The birth of sex underwear

At that time, the Chinese underwear market was still in the traditional stage, and the design style and market positioning were relatively single.When Su Qi saw this opportunity, he began to try to make sexy underwear.

Su Qi’s Innovation -Quota Underwear Show

In 1996, Su Qi hosted the first sexy underwear show in mainland China, attracting the attention of many people and the media.This show pushed the underwear to the front desk of the domestic market.

The meaning of sexy lingerie show

The hosting of the sexy lingerie show not only shows Su Qi’s innovative design of underwear and the interpretation of women’s beauty, but also conveys a message to the outside world: underwear is no longer the era of "underwear is privacy". It is a female body.Part of the beauty is one of the tools to show the charm of women.

Design concepts -innovation and sexy emphasis

Su Qi’s understanding of sexy is: "Whether it is a sexy appearance or a sexy connotation, they need to be discovered and expression."Her design concept emphasizes that sexy underwear must not only pursue sexy, but also to make the wearers confident and taste.

Product style -natural, soft, elegant

Su Qi has strict requirements for the texture of the product. She does not like hard underwear, and prefers to show women’s beautiful curves with a soft and elegant texture.Her design is full of elegance and natural atmosphere, making people look at it at a glance.

Impact — Leading China’s sexy underwear design trend

Su Qi’s style and ideas have a profound influence. She leads a wave of sexy underwear design. Her design not only makes people shine, but also makes people have a more comprehensive understanding of the concept of sexy underwear.

Business value -opened up new markets

The concept and business model of Su Qi’s erotic underwear design make the sexy underwear market more flexible and changing, and has opened up a new market.

in conclusion

Su Qi is one of the founders of the Chinese underwear industry. She subverts the concept of traditional underwear design and innovatively combines sex elements and underwear design.The hosting of the sexy underwear show has opened up new horizons and ideas for the domestic underwear market, and has given people a wider understanding of the concept of underwear.Su Qi’s design concept and business model have promoted the development and sales of China’s sexy underwear, and opened up a new world for the underwear industry.

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