The first gift is given gifts to send sexy underwear

Gift the gift for the first time, you might as well give a messy underwear

In the process of giving gifts, many boys are always distressed by what gifts to send to express their hearts.In fact, sexy underwear is a good choice.Compared with other gifts, sexy underwear is more sexy, with different creativity and personalization, which can not only enhance the emotions between couples, but also enhance the feelings between husband and wife.

Understand the hobbies and styles of TA

Before sending love underwear, understanding TA’s preferences and personality is crucial.If TA is curious about sexy underwear or irritating sexy, sexy underwear will be a very good choice.But if TA is not interested in sexy clothing like sex underwear, then such gifts may not be suitable for TA.

Consider TA’s figure and size

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must consider TA’s figure and size.Any woman hopes that the costumes they wear on their bodies are very suitable and comfortable.Therefore, it is very important to determine the figure and size of TA, which also reflects your carefulness and care.

Choose sexy underwear suitable for style and temperament

It is critical to choose a sexy underwear suitable for style and temperament.Not only should we consider women’s figure and figure, but also from multiple perspectives such as fabrics, colors, styles.If TA is more independent, you can choose a more personalized and unique sexy underwear.If you are gentle and gentle, you can choose a softer and delicate sexy underwear.

Don’t emphasize sexy and bare

When choosing a gift, do not emphasize sexy and exposed too much.Interest underwear is not only a sexy clothing, but also a way to express emotions and care.Naked sexy often makes people feel awkward and unnatural, and moderate covering and imagination will be more interesting.

Pass your emotions and thoughts to TA

The most important purpose of sending sex underwear is to convey your emotions and thoughts.No matter when and where, as long as you put on this sexy underwear, you will think of your warmth and care.Moreover, you can also attach a greeting card or message to express your deeper emotions and thoughts.

Follow details and quality

When choosing sexy underwear, it is also important to pay attention to details and quality.Whether it is the quality of the fabric, the degree of sewing, the quality of the accessories, and the creativity of the design, it is necessary to consider it.A good quality and delicate design underwear can not only reflect your taste and vision, but also make women feel your intentions and care.

Pay attention to privacy and etiquette

Before giving love underwear, you must pay attention to privacy and etiquette.Do not choose to give gifts with relatives and friends with TA.It is best to choose a private place, or send it to TA’s home to make TA feel your true and careless care.

Prepare enough time and budget

When sending love underwear, be sure to prepare enough time and budget.It takes time and energy to choose a good sexy underwear, and the price is expensive.Therefore, before sending love underwear, we must make full consideration and planning for your financial resources and energy.


As a special gift, sexy underwear conveys deep feelings and emotions between men and women.When choosing sexy underwear, we must fully consider many factors such as TA’s preferences, figures, temperament and taste.Moreover, pay attention to etiquette and privacy, and fully prepare time and budget.In this way, you will let TA feel your true feelings and increase your feelings and intimacy.

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