The first time wearing a sexy lingerie is so shy

The first time wearing a sexy lingerie, shy!

Falling underwear, as the name suggests, is sexy, interesting and hot underwear, which is usually used to increase interest or irritating life.But wearing them must not only have a figure and confidence, but also need some courage.So, how do you feel when you put on a sexy underwear for the first time?Here are some tips to help you take the initial experience of wearing sexy underwear.

Pre -order favorite sexy underwear

Before wearing a fun underwear for the first time, you need to confirm that you have purchased the correct size.Browse online shops or sex stores, learn more about the size and specifications of different brands, and try to buy according to your figure.In addition, you want your favorite colors or styles in advance to make it easy to make choices quickly.

Choose to make you feel comfortable and sexy underwear

No matter what kind of sexy underwear is said, the first consideration is comfort.Make sure your choice can bring you a comfortable feeling.If you first try sex underwear, you may choose a simple design low -end product, which is easier to comfortable to wear.

Confidence is the key to wearing sexy underwear

Confidence is the key to you wearing sexy underwear.When you put on sexy underwear, you need to show a positive attitude and temperament, which can make you feel more comfortable and leave a deeper impression.

Ready to enjoy the atmosphere

When you wear a sexy underwear, create a comfortable, privacy, and interesting environment as much as possible to make yourself enjoy more easily.You can order a few candles, prepare some romantic music, and lower the lights appropriately. This will not only alleviate your tension, but also create a long -lasting and comfortable atmosphere, making you more natural and affectionate when wearing sexy underwear.

Pay attention to details, beauty lies in details

Interesting underwear is very good, but the most attractive is some details in the underwear.For example, internal details, other decorations and makeup points such as ribbons, lace, etc., can make sexy underwear more beautiful, truly reflect your sexy mysterious.

In practice, I find the method of matching underwear matching

The best way is to do more practice and find part of the combination that can really match you.For example, the matching effect of some underwear and some bras is very good. For example, the combination of black stockings and black underwear or bras is very good.You can wear different styles of sexy underwear and find a suitable match in front of the mirror, which will help you find the sexy underwear that suits you best.

Don’t care too much about wearing a sexy underwear

When we start wearing sexy underwear, sometimes I feel unconfident because of my physical condition or body reasons, but you should rest assured that underwear will not put you in front of the mirror to check.If you look for a suitable underwear with your own style, enjoy the dress and moment, and the final judgment is where he is matched.

Find a security method for sexy underwear

It is easy to think of many strange methods and sexual skills when dealing with sexy underwear, but these enhanced measures are not safe.Make sure you do not use bad gloves, toys, etc., otherwise you may leave a lot of wounds on your body.Falling underwear makes you feel confident and sexy, not pain and discomfort.

Do not wash your sexy underwear manually

The sexy underwear is the same as other underwear, and it also needs to be cleaned and maintained.However, you should pay attention not to use hand cleaning, because some cleaning removal is not suitable for sexy underwear.Professional washing machines or cleaners should be used, otherwise the smell and fabric of the underwear will be left on the underwear or damaged the underwear.

Conclusion: Enjoy the moment when wearing erotic underwear

In the end, wearing sexy underwear is not just pursuing sexy and jokes. It is a way to express and enjoy it.By choosing the appropriate style and color, and with the right hairstyle and makeup, wearing sexy underwear can help you express your confidence and charm, not only to make you feel more sexy, but also bring you confidence and happiness.

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