The fun underwear bought online is clean

The fun underwear bought online is clean

With the popularity of the Internet, more and more people have begun to choose to buy sex products online, especially sexy underwear.However, buying sexy underwear online has always been a topic that people are more concerned about.So, what is the sexy underwear bought online?The following article will answer the cleanliness of sexy underwear for you.

1. The sales channel of online shopping sex underwear is diverse

With the development of the sex products industry, various platforms are filled with various platforms, such as Taobao,, Tmall, Pinduoduo, etc.The people who buy sexy underwear are generally young, and they are very familiar with these platforms. These platforms have also become their first choice for their purchase of sexy underwear.

2. Be careful when buying sexy underwear online

Compared to sex stores, there are many inconveniences in online shopping.Many sexy underwear photos have been processed and processed, and the physical objects may have a large gap with online photos.In addition, quality, materials, sizes, packaging and other issues should be carefully considered.

3. Interesting underwear hygiene, you must not take it lightly

The material of sexual and emotional lingerie is different, and it may also cause hygiene problems.Some materials are more sensitive. Without disinfection treatment, it is easy to cause private bacteria to reproduce. It is recommended that you choose a guaranteed brand when buying.

4. Look at the hygiene permit before buying

Many bad manufacturers or unsatisfactory manufacturers do not specify in accordance with standards when creating sexy underwear. In order to save costs, they may take it lightly during the raw materials or production and processing process.These situations may lead to the quality and materials of sex underwear, or the production of inferior methods. This requires us to look at the hygiene permit when buying goods.

5. Goods than three more research product parameters

If you don’t know your body shape and figure, it is difficult to get a sexy underwear that meets your needs.In addition, you can also enter your body parameters to obtain higher cost -effective discounts to compare different brands.

6. Sexual Emotional Fun Underwear Cleaning Questions

Many people may think that new clothes do not need to be cleaned, which is actually very dangerous.Especially in erotic underwear, it is critical to clean the 100 % skin of the private part.Before using it for the first time, you must put it in warm water for disinfection.

7. Check the information such as tags, labels and other information before purchasing

Before buying sexy underwear, be sure to check the information such as tags and labels to see where the sex lingerie is produced and what materials are used.If there are tags, etc., it means that it is genuine.Moreover, important information such as production date is marked on the tag, which can be judged whether it expires.

8. There are also risks on online shopping

Although online shopping is becoming more and more common, we cannot ignore that online shopping will have certain risks, because the purpose of buyers is very different.Essence

9. Old clothes need to be cleaned in depth

Many people buying sexy underwear bought on Taobao and other online stores may be the remaining styles in the underwear store, or the old clothes returned.The former is okay, the latter obviously needs to be careful.The old clothes returned may be tried by multiple people and need to be cleaned in depth.

10. Conclusion

Overall, the sanitation problem of buying sexy underwear online will not be larger than physical stores.However, when buying, it is best to choose a brand guarantee and buy it from regular channels.After the purchase is returned, properly clean it, and strictly disinfect in accordance with the instruction method.Before buying, you can understand the products thoroughly, find a reliable seller to prevent money from spending money.

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