The heroine’s surname Chu is in the sex underwear shop

Miss Chu’s sexy underwear shop trip

Ms. Chu always wanted to try sexy underwear, so she came to this professional sexy underwear shop.Here, she experienced many delicate styles and sexy underwear of different colors, and finally chose a few styles to try.

The color you usually dare not try

Miss Chu wanted to try it just, but when she saw the clerk taking out a rich colorful lingerie, Miss Chu felt that it was very beautiful, so she tried it.She has never worn such a bold color, but she wants to surprise her partner in special circumstances, and the feeling of this color may be perfect.

Fitting size

The clerk provided Miss Chu with the correct size of sexy underwear.Miss Chu said it was very comfortable. This was her first trial of this type of underwear.The clerk also provided her with some nursing guidance and cleaning suggestions to ensure that the sexy underwear remains intact.

One by one

Ms. Chu tried on a sexy underwear that could wear a variety of ways. The clerk showed her five different ways of wear, which made her very surprised, because it meant that she could have different occasions and different costumes on different occasions and different costumesTry different styles and make yourself feel very beautiful.

Brand awareness

Miss Chu noticed that the sexy underwear brand provided by the store was very famous. The clerk told her that the background of these brands and why these brands were so popular.Miss Chu was aware of the relationship between the brand and quality, so she decided to buy some sexy underwear from these well -known brands.

Diverse style

The fun underwear styles provided by the store are very diverse. From lace, mesh to leather and other materials, Miss Chu is very difficult to choose.But at the same time, it also made her very excited and could try different styles on different occasions and different partners.

Anonymous in the store

Miss Chu has always been embarrassed by buying sexy supplies in front of the public.But entering this sexy underwear store, she found that the clerk respects privacy and anonymity about each customer, which makes Miss Chu very comfortable, and also makes her feel that other customers can shop freely and maintain the same anonymity as her.

Good customer service

The clerk provided very high -quality customer service, and they patiently answered all the questions of Miss Chu and showed her a detailed library.They provided Ms. Chu with multiple suggestions and ensured that Miss Chu could try to make perfect styles, making her very satisfied.

Final choice

With the help of the clerk, Miss Chu finally chose a few sexy underwear, and she was very looking forward to sharing her new discovery with her partner.

in conclusion

The adventure of this sexy underwear shop benefited Miss Chu a lot, tried many sexy underwear of different materials, and made her realize that the importance and impact of these clothing on her sexual life.For people, choosing sexy underwear is no longer an embarrassing issue. The quality services provided by the clerk, anonymity and wider size choices will make shopping more pleasant, which will also allow more people to choose to suitable for themselves for themselves.Interesting underwear, thereby improving the life of sex.

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