The latest sexy underwear show in the United States

The latest sexy underwear show in the United States

Recently, the United States held a sex exhibition entitled "SEX Expo".And the most noticeable is the sexy underwear show.Let’s take a look at what amazing works this grand show brings us.

1. Art of the chest: beads rabbit girl bra

This bra can be described as unique in this sexy underwear show.On the black bra, it is covered with delicate beads, and the whole style seems to be a cute rabbit ear.The uniqueness of this bra is to show such elegant art on the female chest.

2. Sexy and elegant: Deep V Said sexy underwear

This erotic underwear is one of the most attractive styles of the most attractive styles in this show.The shape is simple, and the silver yarn material has created a sexy and elegant long skirt.The deep V design in front makes everyone amazing.

Third, fun and leisure: sports vest mood fun underwear

This sexy underwear is full of creativity. It uses the design elements of sportswear on the vest, and at the same time with sexy mesh material, so that everyone can feel the casual atmosphere while sexy.

Fourth, seductive beauty back: diamond -pair of backfruit underwear

In addition to the sexy frontal design, there is no flavor in the back design of this sexy underwear.The densely packed gold diamonds on the black vest became one of the biggest highlights of this vest.

Fifth, uniform mad thinking: Campus girls shoot semi -sexy underwear

The design of this sexy underwear is inspired by the temptation of campus girls’ uniforms.The background stage is changing to the campus background. The model stands on the podium in a uniform, as if it brings everyone a show called "Uniforms Mad Thinking".

Six, bathtub art: gorgeous sexy underwear in the bathtub

This sexy underwear model has not been on the runway, and it does be displayed in a different way.Lying in the bathtub, splashing water, with gorgeous red underwear, showing an extremely sexy beauty.

Seven, holographic visual effects: full of technology and sexy underwear

The holographic vision technology used in this sexy underwear shows the effect of technology.On the catwalk, the models seemed to have glowing lines, showing their sexy figure to the fullest.

Eight, psychedelic ballet: glorious and eye -catching underwear skirt

The design concept of this sexy underwear comes from ballet, which combines the beauty of dance and the sexy of the underwear, showing a unique charm.Especially in the case of light, it is even more fascinating.

Nine, immersed color: petal clumps sexy underwear

This erotic underwear imitates the ripples of the petals, with the design concept immersed in the petal ocean, showing a unique softness and sexy.It makes people feel like a wonderful feeling bathing in the cluster of the petals.

10. Future sense: Robotic arm making sexy underwear

The design of this sexy underwear is so ingenious because it uses a robotic arm production technology.This production technology shows a sense of future, and has a good sexy effect, which makes the audience very amazing.


In the context of this era, the continuous innovation of the design and style of sexy underwear shows an unprecedented fashion trend.It can be said that sexy underwear is moving towards a trend of fashion underwear.

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