The most classic sexy underwear in the world


Interest underwear has become a representative of contemporary culture. It can not only increase sexual fun, but also show the tender curve of women, becoming the first choice for men and women’s hearts.The following is the most classic sexy underwear series in the world, taking you to re -understand the classic beauty of sexy underwear.

Classic style: open stall stockings set

Open stall stockings are the old names of the sexy underwear industry and are sexy representatives.Although the styles are classic, there are different designs and tricks every year. Among them, like the back of the beautiful back and the diamonds on the chest, it is favored by women and men.

Classic style: while seeing milk, it is time to see milk

Seeing milk is the most teasing sexy underwear. It simplifies the usual underwear design, tears or cut part of the underwear, and leaves a small area of cover.Confidence and charm.Many characters in film and television dramas will try to put on this underwear for seduce, and even become a variation of some traditional specialties.

Classic styles: Fun Lei Si Moto

Lei -race socks are a large classic in the design of sexy underwear. Although it is a design that combines socks and dresses, it can wear sexy and charming charm.Classic black, or pink cute version, are very attractive and become necessary underwear styles for many women and men.

Classic style: rope series

The rope series sexy underwear is a type of underwear designed to reduce the area and cut off the normal restraint and make the body more free.There are many variants in the rope series, such as the restraint series, lace straps, etc., are unique designs in sexy underwear, suitable for women, men, couples, couples and other groups.

Classic style: hollow design

The hollow design is a design of some materials of the underwear, wearing a strap, and revealing the skin. Some "hollow" design of some underwear has even become an art form.The mysterious skin perspective effect not only increases the sexy atmosphere, but also brings a fashionable sexy style.

Classic style: t-back sexy underwear

T-BACK sexy underwear is a small-area bottom pants design. There are only two beams of silk links, just like T shape, so it is named T-BACK (T-shaped pants).T-BACK’s sexy underwear has a hidden sexy and sexy, and is one of the essential underwear styles for many couples and couples.

Classic style: strap -style sexy underwear

The straps -type sexy underwear is an emerging series in the underwear. Many designs are added to the strap design, making the entire back of the wearer a visual experience, which increases the sexy charm of women’s backs and portray the sexy back of the back.

Classic style: even body erotic lingerie

Even the sexy underwear is a rare underwear series. It combines the jumpsuits and tops together, making women feel beautiful and confident, making men more exciting.Even the design style of physical sex underwear is more diversified, including embroidery, lace, perspective, etc. Each is trying to reflect the charm of women’s confidence.

Classic style: geometric pattern sexy underwear

Geometric pattern love underwear is a unique design that placed the staggered geometric pattern on the front of the underwear to create an unusual visual effect.This kind of sexy lingerie is noticeable to bring another flavor experience in bed and peaceful life.

Classic style: interesting loose underwear

Interesting underwear is a wonderful work in the underwear. It combines loose styles and fun styles, so that women no longer have a sense of restraint.This underwear is suitable for winter pajamas, bath clothes, etc. It can be worn in daily life and sexual life. It is a source of energy in sexy underwear.


There are many classic erotic lingerie styles, and only a few of them are listed in the title.Study from many perspectives such as history, culture, gender, style, characteristics and occasions, there will be different topics and conclusions.The style of sexy lingerie is constantly changing due to changes in the times and diversification of styles.As consumers and people who love sexy underwear, the most important thing is to choose their own suitable sex underwear to show their charm.

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