The name of the sexy underwear is nice name

The importance of sexy underwear name

Interest underwear is a good heart of many women. In addition to quality and style, the name is also one of the important factors considering when buying.The name of sexy underwear has the functions of attracting consumers and promoting marketing. Here are some of the nice sexy underwear brands with good names.

Lounge naked core series

The Lounge Naked Core series is one of the brands that have received much attention in recent years. Their underwear names are selected from real flowers and plants.For example, bellflower, roses, white cama, Hehuan flowers, etc., make people famous, have a sense of intimacy and comfort.

Annamu sex lingerie brand

Annamu is a brand that integrates sexy underwear, sex products, and daily necessities.The name of its underwear is also very distinctive, such as the sources and elements of inspiration and elements of Star Ye, Pearl, Sweetheart, and Charming, and have a deep impression on people.

Babeyond underwear brand

Babeyond underwear brand is a retro -style underwear brand, as is the name of the brand’s underwear.For example, the names of Harry, Zhufen, Lilian, Frey, etc. are nice, which are both full of design and highlight the brand’s main elements.

Mapalé underwear brand

Mapalé underwear brand is a brand full of Latin culture.The inspiration of its underwear names is from the aspects of Spanish culture, tropical style, Latin dance music, such as 柒, ESPIRAL, Tea for Two, Ruffle Top, and so on.

La clover

La Clover Berry Kerr is a sexy underwear brand derived from France.The names of their underwear are mostly French, such as ENLACER, Belle, Charmeuse, etc. The names are full of exotic mood and are popular.

Queenral underwear brand

The Queenral underwear brand is a brand -based brand, and its underwear names are also very distinctive, such as Pregnant, Personality, Heart, Flash, etc. The name is full of design and uniqueness, which is impressive.

Cute and sexy underwear

Some sexy underwear brands can also describe cute and sexy traits.For example, lace babies, girls’ hearts, little witch, etc., not only exude a cute atmosphere, but also not losing sexy and charm, which is loved by women.

The name of the above underwear brand is both nice and design, which is impressive

In short, the niceness of the name of the sexy underwear brand can not only attract customers’ attention, but also allow customers to impress the brand deeper and play a role in promoting sales and brand promotion.The creativity and uniqueness of these brand names are also worth our learning and reference.

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