The office wears the gear of sex underwear novels

An ordinary company party

At a ordinary company party, I wore ordinary black suits.No one would think of me wearing a sexy lingerie.This is my hidden little secret, only I and my companions know.

The favor from scratch

When I came to the party, I noticed that my new colleague Dave had been watching me.I have always liked it, but I don’t know if he is also interested in me.My erotic underwear seemed to arouse his curiosity.

Show my reason

When we started chatting, I wore a cardigan jacket to expose the edge of some lace.Dave showed some curiosity and seemed to be waiting for me to show.I know when it is important to use and what dance steps, so I slowly opened my jacket and revealed my sexy underwear.

Reaction and comments

Dave and his friends were stunned.Many of them have never seen open crotch and sexy underwear, and they asked me a lot of questions.Dave is grateful to me to show him this mysterious part.

Step on a journey

Dave and me gradually approached, which is likely to be because I dare to show myself and me.We started a very interesting and wonderful journey, and there were many interesting adventures waiting for us to explore.

Education and inspiration

My experience shows how to dare to break the routine and show myself.I found that when I show my attitude and thoughts through my own wear and personality, I will get more respect and appreciation of more people.

The combination of fashion and practicality

My sexy underwear is not only beautiful and sexy, but also very comfortable.This underwear is very similar to ordinary underwear, with only some small differences, but they can bring you a sense of confidence and pleasure, showing your beauty and sexy on special occasions.

Romantic and sexy pursuit

My open crotch erotic underwear means I want to have a romantic and sexy life.I can wear it to attract the people I like, make myself feel more attractive, and make them feel romantic.

Don’t be shy

We should not be ashamed to show our own personality and ideas, whether we are wearing or other aspects.We should dare to break the routine and show our unique charm and sexy.As long as we are confident and brave, we can welcome and surpass all problems.

Conclusion: Dare to show yourself

Wearing an open crotch sex underwear taught me an important life lesson, that is, dare to show myself.We can show ourselves in different aspects, and we don’t have to always stick to tradition and routine.Believe in yourself, show your unknown side, you can get a new respect and love.

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