The reason why his girlfriend wears fun underwear

Why do girlfriends wear sexy underwear?

As a relatively special women’s underwear, sexy underwear has the characteristics that are different from ordinary underwear.Many women choose to wear sexy underwear on different occasions. So what are the reasons for girlfriends to wear sexy underwear?Let’s analyze the various reasons why girlfriends wear sexy underwear.

Improve self -confidence

For some women with inferiority, wearing sexy sexy underwear can make them feel more confident and comfortable.This underwear style is often focused on the characteristics of women’s body, such as chest and hips, which rely on this underwear to set up its own curve to achieve the effect of improving self -confidence.My girlfriend may be wearing fun underwear to make herself feel a more beautiful side.

Increase interest

Sex underwear is a very important element for sex games between sexes.Sex underwear often has a certain stimulating effect, making women easier to enter the state in gender games.This is also one of the reasons why many couples choose to go to the sex underwear shop to buy together.

Caters to the other half hobby

For women, wearing erotic underwear may also be to cater to their other half.Studies have shown that men seeing women in sexy underwear will have more physiological reactions. Therefore, women will also obtain some practical benefits, such as appreciation and love of the other half.

Increase the interest of life

Many women also choose to wear sexy underwear in life, although not necessarily to present a beautiful side, but to increase their own life taste through this underwear style.This underwear style can well change the monotonous of daily life and increase the interest of life.

Discover your sexy

Sex underwear is very reasonable to design the body curve of women. After wearing a sexy underwear, some women will be confident and proud of their bodies, because underwear can well shape the body lines.This sense of confidence and pride may be unable to see the other half, but it can achieve a certain comfort in women’s hearts.

Try new style

Women’s underwear styles are relatively diverse, and sexy underwear can be regarded as a very special style.Some women choose to wear fun underwear just to try this style to enrich their dress experience and layering.

Enjoy comfortable feeling

Although the quality and design of sex underwear as a whole are very good, in some styles, women may just want to buy underwear that is more suitable for themselves for themselves.Many styles of sexy underwear are smooth cotton fabrics. For women with tender skin, comfort is still very secure.

Promote sexual life

The stimulus of sexy underwear can make women more likely to enter orgasm.Therefore, it can also improve the sexual pleasure of the other half.Wearing sexy underwear may also make your sex life better, rich and changeable.

Follow the trend

Interest underwear can also be regarded as a trend. Some women will follow the trend of the wind to choose the corresponding style.You can also look more tasteful and fashionable when wearing sexy underwear.


There are many reasons for girlfriends to wear sexy underwear. From improving self -confidence to promoting sex, each reason is very important and reasonable.Every woman may have their own stories and reasons behind wearing fun underwear, so we should respect the choice and preferences of women.

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