The sexy underwear of his girlfriend and ex -boyfriend

The sexy underwear of his girlfriend and ex -boyfriend

When a pair of lover is together, they will try a lot of things to enhance the emotional relationship between each other, such as wearing sex underwear.However, if my girlfriend once passed with sexy underwear with her ex -boyfriend, what should you do?This article will explore this issue and give solutions.

Choose the right sexy underwear type

The sexy underwear worn by your girlfriend and his ex -boyfriend may be different from the type you like.Therefore, it is important to understand the sexy underwear type you have worn by your girlfriend, and whether she doesn’t like a certain type of sexy underwear.Investigate what type of sexy underwear she likes, and then consider this factor when choosing.

Avoid making duplicate choices

The sexy underwear that your girlfriend and ex -boyfriend once chose must be different from what you chose.Try to get inspiration from the choice of his former boyfriend may make your girlfriend feel uncomfortable or disappointed.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, try to avoid the same choice as his ex -boyfriend.On the contrary, you can try new choices to show your creativity.

Change the characteristics of sexy underwear by changing factors such as color and size

If your girlfriend once passed a sexy underwear with his ex -boyfriend, you can change its characteristics by changing the color, material, size and other factors of the sexy underwear.This makes this sexy underwear unique between you and your girlfriend.

Customize a sexy underwear

If you really can’t find a suitable sexy underwear, you can consider customizing a special sexy underwear to meet the needs of you and your girlfriend.You can choose a unique sexy underwear for sex, design and material for sexy underwear.

Let your girlfriend feel your attention and love

Don’t let your girlfriend feel that you don’t care about her feelings.For this reason, you can ask her some questions, understand her feelings about wearing sexy underwear, and what you can do to make her more comfortable and at ease.

Don’t emphasize the existence of ex -boyfriend too much

If you often emphasize your ex -boyfriend in the topic, your girlfriend may feel uncomfortable.Therefore, when discussing sexy underwear with your girlfriend, don’t emphasize the existence of ex -boyfriend too much, but focus on your relationship with your girlfriend.

Don’t let the shadow of your ex -boyfriend cover your feelings

If you have always mentioned your ex -boyfriend when discussing sexy underwear, you may create an unnecessary sense of alienation between you and your girlfriend.Do your best to make your girlfriend feel that things between you and your ex -boyfriend are not important. Your feelings are the most important.

Share your own experience

Don’t forget to share your own experience and ideas with your girlfriend.Tell her the experience and feelings you once had when wearing a sexy underwear, which can make you more intimate and understanding each other.


If your girlfriend once passed with sexy underwear with his ex -boyfriend, this is not a difficult thing.You can choose the right type of sexy underwear and show your creativity and care, so that your girlfriend feels your love and attention to her, thereby establishing a more stable and intimate relationship.

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