The story of wearing a sex lingerie goes out

At first try

I have always been alone for sexy underwear, but I have always hid at home and wearing my beloved style, but I have never tried outside.This time, with the encouragement of my friend, I decided to go out wearing a sexy underwear to see how amazing everyone was amazing.

The first embarrassment

When I was wearing a sexy sexy underwear on the street, I found that I couldn’t hide my inner anxiety.Some people can’t hide the speed of heartbeat and the urge to turn around.This is an awkward feeling.

Accidental attention

Over time, I finally let go of my inner anxiety and began to enjoy the feelings of wearing erotic underwear.Many people stop to see me and admire my courage and beauty.I feel that I have a deeper understanding of my body and beauty.

Try different styles

I started trying different styles of sexy underwear, each set made me different temperament and feelings.From the sexy one to the irritating open crotch panties, I have never stopped exploring the fields of beauty and pleasure.

Sexy focus

Whether it is in a bar, cafe, or walking at night, when I wear sexy underwear, it has become the focus of attention.I found that even if I felt a little embarrassed, everyone was envious and admired by me.

Choose suitable for you

As I get more and more familiar with sexy underwear, I start to choose a style that suits me.I like soft and comfortable but interesting underwear, such as trousers with built -in petals and bras with water droplets.

The importance of underwear accessories

Interest underwear is not limited to hoods and pants, but also many accessories can be paired with underwear, such as lace gloves, belts, stockings and handcuffs.These details make the whole look better.

Put in sexy lingerie on different occasions

I gradually realized that as long as you choose the right suit, wearing sexy underwear can appear in many different occasions.Whether it is a party, dating, or a wedding, as long as you wear it properly, you can cause some surprises and movements.

Follow quality and comfort

I am very concerned about the quality and comfort of sexy underwear.Because wearing comfortable underwear can make yourself more confident, so that you can better perform outside.I suggest that you choose a well -quality and comfortable brand to ensure longer use time.

Dare to show your charm

The most important point is that I think that dare to go out in sexy underwear is to express my courage and self -confidence.We should dare to show our charm and don’t be afraid of being denied by others.Only when we love ourselves can we truly achieve excellent achievements.

in conclusion

It is a far -reaching experience for me to wear sexy underwear.While I learned how to master my charm, I also gained more self -confidence and courage.I hope that all girls can also try to go out in sexy underwear to discover their inner potential.

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