Three -point sexy underwear hollow map

What is a three -point sexy underwear

Three -point sexy underwear is a sexy underwear with a hollow design. It is usually composed of three parts: upper bra, lower briefs and connecting two pieces of thin band, so it is named "three -point".

The beauty of the three -point erotic underwear is presented

The unique design of the three -point erotic lingerie hollow map makes the beauty of the underwear present.The hollow part shows the aesthetics of women’s skin, while also increasing sexy and teasing, playing a "perspective" role.


The hollow map design of the three -point sex lingerie can highlight the advantages of women’s figure, suitable for women with beautiful and thin body curves.At the same time, the three -point erotic underwear’s thin band design also makes the whole figure look more slender.

suitable occasion

Three -point sexy underwear for perspective is suitable for wearing in some private occasions, such as bed games, role -playing, etc., can make the figure more sexy and increase interest.

The importance of selecting the material

It is very important to choose the material suitable for your skin.The material of the three -point erotic underwear requires soft, comfortable and transparent to achieve a better dressing experience.

How to distinguish the material

There are many ways to distinguish the good materials. One of the methods is to use the hand to touch the material to observe whether there are too much chemical additive smell.In addition, you can observe the identification information of the product and purchase channels to ensure formal quality.

Precautions for maintenance of well -dressed experience

Three -point erotic underwear generally requires hand washing to avoid putting in washing machine cleaning.At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to reducing the water temperature during washing and avoid chemical items such as bleach and soft agent.

Suitable color choice

The color selection of the three -point erotic underwear should be selected according to the skin color and occasions.Generally speaking, the darker color tone is more suitable for private occasions, and the bright colors are more suitable for wearing on other occasions.


Wearing three -point sexy underwear needs to be combined with the appearance of the clothing, so it is best to choose simple pants and tops to assist the beauty of this underwear.In addition, you can also replace the same sexy unders, showing different sexy effects.


The three -point erotic underwear is outstanding and unique, which can highlight the advantages of women’s figure, increase the wear experience, and enhance the intimate relationship between couples.The softer, comfortable materials and good maintenance can allow women to have a longer experience.

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