Triangle swimsuit lady sex lingerie


Women’s sexy underwear has always been a favorite type of clothing that wearing and viewers.The triangular swimsuit lady’s sexy underwear is the most fashionable and sexy style.In this article, we will introduce the origin, characteristics, matching skills, and purchase precautions of the ladies of the triangular swimsuit ladies.


Triangle Swimsuit Women’s Inspection Underwear was originally a clothing used by the indigenous Indians of Mexican. Traditionally, it was decorated with leather and bird feathers.Later, France and Italy became very popular in the 20th century.Today, the erotic underwear of the Triangle Swimsuit has developed into a sexy, sexy and gorgeous clothing type suitable for any occasion.


Triangle swimsuit ladies’ sex underwear has the following characteristics:

Adopt transparent materials to enrich the sexy charm of the wearer.

The triangular design can highlight the chest shape and make the figure more prominent.

The design of the swimsuit style, its openness and exposure, shows the charming and sexy side of the wearer.

Matching skills

The combination of the triangular swimsuit ladies’ sexy underwear should be easy and decent, and wearers can choose according to the occasion and their own preferences.Here are some possible matching skills:

You can cooperate with gauze skirts, lace shorts and other clothing to increase the overall effect.

On the beach in the summer, you can choose to sprinkle on the seaside coat of the body at will, which is comfortable and intimate.

Combined with high heels, jewelry, or headdress, etc., show the sexy side.

size selection

Before buying a triangle swimsuit ladies’ sexy underwear, wearers must ensure that the appropriate size is selected, otherwise it may not be able to fully play the effect of this underwear.It is recommended that wearers can choose through self -test or reference size guidelines provided by sellers or manufacturers.In addition, some brands will provide some elastic versions, which is conducive to adapting to different shapes.

Material selection

The key of the material affects the quality, comfort, breathability and other attributes of the erotic underwear of the triangle swimsuit.Common materials include cotton, lace, spandex, silk, fiber, etc.It is recommended to choose materials with soft materials, high quality, good breathability, and stretching elasticity.

Brand selection

It is necessary to choose high -quality and guaranteed brands to buy triangular swimsuit women’s sexy underwear.The wearer can check the brand’s shopping evaluation, credit and other information on the purchase platform. If you choose to shop online, you can choose the brand through the service quality and after -sales service of the website to avoid being deceived.

Price choice

The price is the factors that need to be considered when buying a triangle swimsuit lady in sexy underwear. The price factors are related to various factors such as quality and brand.The wearer should formulate budgets based on factors such as their own economic conditions, material requirements, and shopping platforms, rather than just considering price issues.

common problem

The wearer may encounter the following problems:

Outer leak: How to solve the problem of not exposing underwear?Solution: add clothes hanging or vertically.

Excessive: How to deal with too tight?Solution: Select the appropriate size, elastic material or upgrade version.

How to clean it?Solution: Washing clothes and hand washing, do not use bleach.


Triangle swimsuit lady’s sexy underwear is a stylish, sexy and gorgeous clothing type.Wearingists need to choose the appropriate size and materials, high -quality brands, and formulate precautions for budgets and cleaning based on the actual situation of economic actual conditions to fully reflect their sexy charm.

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