Uncensored red color love underwear number number

Uncensored red color love underwear number number

Sexy underwear has always been a way of dressing by female friends, especially some colorful sexy underwear is even more popular.Among them, red -colored underwear is undoubtedly the most representative.In Japan, the number of red -colored love underwear has become a hot topic. So what kind of sexy underwear type does this number represent?Now let’s learn this together.


First, let’s analyze the meaning of the number.In Japan, adult video filmmakers use a method similar to product coding to prevent infringement and protect their own works in order to prevent infringement and protect their own works.This encoding is called "FA-Number". Among them, "FA" is the abbreviation of "free agent", which means "independent producer".The "Fan Number" means "video number" here.

Red erotic and fun underwear number

Uncensored red -colored lingerie name is named after a series of codes such as "SOE", "SNIS", and "Mird". Among them, "SOE" represents "ESU O EFU", which means "S1 actress art".The sexy underwear corresponding to this type is based on red, and it is very sexy, bold and feminine.

Non -traditional design concept

Different from the mainstream sexy underwear design, the sexy underwear represented by the red love underwear is extremely innovative and personalized.Its design style is a bit bold and exaggerated, revealing unique visual impact.And whether it is the sexy underwear in the adult toy store or on the Internet, the design of the uncle red love underwear is very special, and it is difficult to be seen through at a glance.

Create sexy and perfect figure

The sexy underwear design represented by the red love underwear has a very good shaping effect, which can perfectly enhance the figure of female friends.Wearing this sexy red sex underwear, the figure of female friends is more graceful, highlighting the beautiful curve of the body, which is very attractive visually.

Personalized matching skills

Want to wear a unique sexy underwear style?In fact, you only need simple matching skills to wear a personality effect.For the number of red -colored lingerie, it is recommended to pair with black stockings, black waist or black high heels, etc., which is both stable and full of flexibility.

Selection of fabrics

The fabrics used in the sexy underwear represented by red erotic underwear are very important because it is related to comfort and breathability.Generally speaking, the fabrics used in red love underwear are mostly lace, satin, velvet, and gauze nets. These fabrics can fit the body well, making female friends feel very comfortable.

Pay attention to the details

Want to wear a perfect red love underwear effect?Then pay attention to the details of wearing.First of all, to ensure that the number of erotic underwear is appropriate, neither large nor too small; second, you need to match the appropriate underwear and stockings to make the overall match more proper.

Red color sexy underwear is not suitable for people

Although red and sexy underwear is very sexy and charming, it is not suitable for all female friends.Female friends who are not perfect enough, large belly, or lack of curves in the waist are not suitable for wearing this sexy underwear.

How to buy red color sexy underwear

If you want to buy a set of red sexy underwear, you can consider from the following aspects: first choose the style that is suitable for you according to your body characteristics; secondly, you must choose the right fabric; in addition, pay attention to the red color sexy underwear underwear underwearWhether the design color is well matched with your skin tone.


The advent of the uncoded red love underwear has promoted the development and innovation of the sex underwear industry to a certain extent.When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to carefully choose the style, fabric and accessories that are suitable for your own in order to wear a perfect sexy underwear style according to your needs and body characteristics.

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