Use sexy underwear every time to solve it

At the beginning of the quarrel

The quarrel is often due to the inconsistent views and opinions of the two people, and the two sides have misunderstandings about the way of each other’s expression.Under such circumstances, either party may become emotional and even out of control.

The role of sexy underwear

Sex underwear can help couples alleviate the emotion and pressure caused by the quarrel.Wearing sexy sexy underwear can not only increase the interest and interaction between husband and wife, but also significantly improve the body’s immunity.

Choose a suitable sexy underwear

It is important to choose a suitable sexy underwear.If you want to wear sexy underwear to relieve the quarrel, it is best to choose those styles and types that meet the hobbies of both parties, such as sexy lace, transparent sexy underwear, loose pajamas, charming skirts, stockings, etc.

Let the two sides participate together

When choosing the right sexy underwear, the two sides can participate together.Husbands and wives can go to the sex underwear shop to buy or choose online.In the process of selection, the two sides must have sufficient communication and exchanges to understand each other’s preferences and ideas.

Keep your sense of mystery as much as possible

After wearing a sexy underwear, let the other half can gradually explore and appreciate your body in appreciation and imagination, and make your other half surprise and mysterious to some extent.This can make good attention to the quarrel and relieve the tension atmosphere.

Provide affirmation and recognition

When appreciating the other half, don’t forget to give each other a sufficient affirmation and recognition.This can increase the confidence and happiness of the other party, and also make the other half feel enough attention and attention.

Create a romantic atmosphere

After wearing a sexy underwear, the couple can enjoy a beautiful atmosphere and romantic moment together.For example, ordering with fragrant candles, putting some soft music, or enjoying the prepared meals together, etc., can create a more romantic atmosphere and make the emotions between husband and wife more harmonious.

Keep good communication

Don’t forget to maintain good communication while enjoying erotic underwear.At this very private and intimate moment, the two sides may express their ideas and needs more freely.This can better enhance the communication and understanding between husband and wife.

Release stress and tension

Putting on sex underwear can make the interaction between husband and wife more exciting and interesting, and help the two sides to release stress and tension.In this way, the quarrel’s attention was dispersed inadvertently, thereby effectively alleviating the quarrel.


The quarrel between husband and wife can indeed bring help and relief.But more importantly, the mutual understanding, communication and attention between husband and wife are the real solutions.Putting on a sexy underwear can increase the fun between husband and wife, but don’t forget the really important things between husband and wife.

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