Wandering up with boyfriend’s sexy underwear shop

Opening remark

The weather is getting colder, and adding a few more sexy underwear to your own wardrobe is also a good choice.However, shopping with your boyfriend may make you feel a little embarrassed and don’t know how to speak.Today, let’s take a look at how to walk around with my boyfriend.

Do your homework first

Before walking with her boyfriend, it is very important to learn about the various sexy underwear types in the current market and the style and size that suits them.You can learn more through the Internet or sexy underwear magazines.In this way, you can be more confident in your choice, and at the same time, you can make the process of visiting the store smoother.

Choose the right shop

It is very important to choose a formal, credible and well -received sexy underwear shop.Such shops usually provide professional and private services.It is best to choose a shop with a good service attitude and complete goods.In this way, you can buy sexy underwear that suits you in a comfortable environment.

Understand your physical condition and needs

Before choosing a sexy underwear, you must understand your physical condition and needs.These needs may be different due to different occasions, clothing and moods. For example, you need to be more charming, sexy, or noble.If you have some physical discomfort, you must communicate with your boyfriend in advance to avoid encountering an embarrassing scene in the process of shopping.

My boyfriend also has his own ideas

Boyfriend may also have his own preferences and ideas for sexy underwear, so in the process of visiting the store with his boyfriend, you may wish to hear his opinions.Of course, the final decision is to be yourself.

do not be shy

Don’t be shy or timid when visiting the sex underwear shop.When communicating with the clerk, you should be generous and natural, and do not let too much shyness and shy cover your own needs and ideas.The shopkeeper of the sexy underwear store has professional skills and experience, and they can help you choose a sexy underwear that suits you.

Try to penetrate a variety of styles

It is very important to try to wear a variety of styles when visiting the sex underwear shop.This not only allows you to better understand your physical and needs, but also break the old short -sightedness and ideas.You can also ask his boyfriend to ask his boyfriend in the process of shopping, so that you can make the choice more accurate.

Considering practicality

Interest underwear must not only be beautiful and sexy, but also consider practicality.Fairy underwear that suits you must not only make yourself confident and comfortable, but also easy to match other clothing.Considering that practicality can not only make your shopping experience more pleasant, but also allow you to wear your own sexy underwear more.

Don’t forget the details

When choosing sexy underwear, don’t forget to pay attention to details.For example, when you choose transparent materials, do you need to put on some lace, lace or mesh design.Or, if you have some places you want to cover, you must choose some erotic or patterns with rich patterns and breathable sexy underwear.

Take a few more photos when buying

It is very important to take a few more photos before buying sexy underwear.This allows you to better choose a sexy underwear that suits you, which is also helpful for the previous purchase time and shopping experience.Of course, remember to delete the photos or save properly to avoid being misused or leaked.

Show the perfect effect

Watching the sex underwear shop is not only the experience process, but also the opportunity to show the perfect opportunity.Suitable for your own sexy underwear can make yourself feel more confident, beautiful and sexy.So, take this beautiful opportunity to carefully choose a set of sexy underwear for yourself.


It may be a bit embarrassing to visit the sexy underwear shop with her boyfriend, but through scientific shopping decisions and actively communicating and asking, you can definitely spend a happy and unforgettable shopping experience.In the end, buying a sexy underwear that suits you can not only make yourself feel more confident, beautiful and sexy, but also add more fun and vitality to your emotional life.

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