Wandering up with girlfriends in sexy lingerie novels


As an expert in sexy underwear, something interesting has happened recently.I have a good friend. His girlfriend suddenly said that he wanted to visit the sex underwear shop together and let him accompany him to choose.As a good boyfriend, he agreed.However, he had no experience, so he asked me.So I gave him some suggestions and let him go through the actual test smoothly.

About sex underwear

Interest underwear is a special underwear with some sexy elements, such as lace, transparent materials, or materials like leather.This underwear is usually designed to stimulate the sensory response of the body and cause sexual excitement.It can be an interesting, exciting and even romantic way to enhance the emotional connection between the two in sex.


Before visiting the sex underwear store, you need to clarify your budget, preferences and sizes.These are very important, because the price of sexy underwear is usually relatively high, and the style and style are very diverse.When you visit the store, you need to clarify your direction and avoid spending too much time in the store.

Shopping strategy in the store

After entering the store, first patrol all the areas, and be familiar with the style, style and specifications of this store.The area divided by the store may be different. It may be districts such as different styles, colors, types, etc. You need to roughly skip all blocks and pay attention to whether it is attracted by various colors, styles and styles.When you end the tour, you can choose your favorite clothes or underwear for trial.

Remember the instrument

Remember to choose a dress that can attract attention when you go to the shop, so that you can further increase your self -confidence when trying it on.In addition, pay attention to your body cleanliness, and try to make physical hygiene cleaning before trying it on so that you can leave any stains or dirt on the underwear.In addition, if you intend to match sexy makeup, you can also consider making makeup preparations in advance.

Select style and material

Before trying on, you can consider choosing styles and materials.Remember to consider your preferences and your partner.Your partner may prefer white, soft satin, or black and hollow breathable mesh fabrics.Choosing proper colors, materials and styles is the key to successfully selecting sexy underwear.In addition to styles and materials, the problems of the lower body are also considered, which is paired with briefs, G-String, stockings, etc.

Don’t forget the size

After choosing clothes, be sure to choose a size suitable for your body.The comfort and sexuality of sexy underwear are associated with size.Here I remind everyone that you must be cautious when buying underwear, and do not buy a small underwear for the sake of appearance.The error of the size affects the comfort of the underwear, let alone leave a bad impression on the partner.

Shopping skills

In the sex lingerie store, shopping requires some skills.It is recommended to visit all the areas first, be familiar with the style and specifications of this store, understand the price of this store, and then enter your favorite area for specific selection.

Try a few more styles

Even if you only choose one at the beginning, you can still try other styles after entering the trial.Sometimes you may find your favorite underwear in your expected places.Remember, don’t be shy, because you only wear in this place, so consider your own feelings, not the views of others.

Bill, please

Settlement may be the most embarrassing part.Remember, when standing in front of the cashier, keep calmness and cough.This is completely normal because you are buying a very private product.Sexual underwear is called "underwear" or "underwear suit", not "sexy underwear" may make people feel natural.If you really feel very uncomfortable, you can also consider keeping non -conversation in the process, just need to fully focus on implementing settlement.


Shopping in a sex underwear shop itself is a very interesting and exciting thing.However, when you are more familiar with underwear and selection methods, and after choosing, and proper skills, it will be a perfect experience.Therefore, if you feel lost in the choice, you may wish to refer to some techniques. The selection direction of rational grasp will be convenient for you and your partner to create a warm and exciting sex journey.


As long as you have enough confidence, discipline and skills, everyone can achieve the best choice through visiting the sexy underwear shop.Nothing is difficult to cope, just like buying any other products, just consider personal preferences and budgets.Now, walk into the sex underwear store, together with your partner, find your perfect choice in the sexy underwear brand.

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