Wear sex underwear and eat hot pot video

Passionate hot pot banquet

In this cold winter, what is more exciting than a hot pot banquet?Coupled with a little stimulus, wearing a sexy underwear to eat hot pot together, the scene is simply irresistible!

Understand the classification of love underwear

Before wearing sexy underwear and hot pot, we need to understand different types of sexy underwear.Generally speaking, sexy underwear is divided into three types:

Sexy underwear: This underwear is usually simple to design, but has sexy suits, lace and other decorations, making it more highlighting the curve of women. It is a sexy underwear suitable for husbands and wives.

SM underwear: SM athletes usually wear underwear, designed for those couples who are eager to control and be controlled and more crazy.It has many places tied, including necks, belts, cuffs, etc., and the shape is very recognizable.

Interesting body underwear: Conjusational underwear is tight, often with socks and wool.Putting on it can have the temperament, hot breath, or other different personalities, which can better meet the various needs of your wife.

Choose a style that suits you

Everyone has their own style, and it is important to choose a sexy underwear suitable for their own style.Don’t pursue a too gorgeous appearance, you should choose those underwear that can show your beautiful figure.More importantly, maintaining confidence, underwear is just an auxiliary prop to strengthen temperament and confidence.

Add new fun to the life of the husband and wife

Interest underwear is a product that enhances sex and emotional interaction.Eating hot pot in sexy underwear can make more intimate contact and communication between husband and wife, transfer attention to the body itself, and transfer attention from the body to the other party. It is also an overall sublimation experience.

Improve your confidence in yourself

Interest underwear allows you to show your body better, raise your own unique beauty on your body, and make yourself enthusiastic, enhance self -confidence, fully reflect your own charm and courage, give people a kind of people, give people a kind of people, give people a kind of people, give people a kind of people.Light and easy to hidden and proud of the unreachable feelings.

Careful choice

Although it is exciting to wear hot pots and eat hot pot, you need to pay attention to choice.For people with more sensitive skin, good quality sexy underwear is more important. If a quality is not available, it will cause damage to the body, which may cause problems.

Pay attention to the right occasion

It is a special experience to wear sexy underwear.When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to consider going out. Do not wear it freely because you love beauty, causing unnecessary trouble. You should wear appropriate underwear on the right occasion.

Negotiation selection with your partner

Finally, it is necessary to negotiate with your partner before wearing sexy underwear.In sex, partners need to respect and trust each other.Therefore, wearing a fun underwear requires the consent and respect of both parties to achieve a pleasure experience.


All in all, it is a wonderful thing to wear and eat hot pots, but you need to pay attention to occasions and choices.Interest underwear can enhance our self -confidence and enhance the feelings between husbands and wives, which is a way to show charm and personality.I hope everyone can get a pleasant experience when wearing a hot pot and eat hot pot.

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