Wear sex underwear fitness Chinese subtitles

The combination of sexy underwear and fitness

In today’s society, the boom of fitness is becoming more and more popular.People participate in fitness activities in various ways, such as yoga, running, swimming, etc.During the fitness process, it is important to wear suitable clothes.I believe that many women have some sexy sexy lingerie. So, is it feasible to wear sexy underwear fitness?

Comfort is the key

Wearing sexy underwear fitness first considers comfort.Especially during the exercise, the body will have severe exercise. If you accidentally choose an impermeable and uncomfortable sexy underwear, it will easily lead to physical discomfort and affect the fitness effect.Therefore, it is very important to choose the right sexy underwear. It is recommended to choose breathable, lightweight, and soft materials.

Appropriate size is more important

The size of the size or too small is easy to cause physical discomfort, especially in fitness.Too small underwear may restrain your body, affect the effect of exercise, and even cause unnecessary physical damage.Excessive underwear may fall off during exercise and unnecessary dispersion.

Choose the right style

When choosing a sexy underwear, we also need to consider the style.The design of some sexy underwear is very sexy, but it may not be appropriate in fitness.For example, underwear with a suspender or back contour is not able to provide good support effects in the process of loading or up and down exercise.Therefore, it is recommended to choose a design without too much decoration, light and comfortable design.

Selection of sexy underwear for day sports and night sports

When choosing a sexy underwear, we also need to choose according to the time and place of exercise.When exercising during the day, we need to choose some more popular styles, such as the bras such as bras, tube tops, etc. suitable for sports underwear.When exercising at night, you can consider some sexy sexy underwear to enhance the taste and passion of exercise.

Nakedness needs to be controlled

A big challenge to wear sexy underwear fitness is bareness.When we wear underwear, we do not consider nakedness, but when wearing sexy underwear, too nakedness will affect the comfort of others and even ourselves.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you should pay attention to the control of the exposure.At the same time, we need to maintain elegance in exercise, which is more attractive.

Precautions for washing

Washing of sexy underwear needs to be very paid attention to.You can choose some stimulating and natural detergents without using a stimulating detergent such as bleach.For sexy babies, people who often wear sexy underwear should pay more attention to maintenance and cleaning, wipe the exquisite sexy underwear and dry it, and then collect it.

Choose a suitable occasion

It is also necessary to choose a sexy underwear fitness.If you fit at home, you can try to wear sexy underwear; if you go to the gym for public sports, there are many occasions that are not suitable for wearing sexy underwear.This also requires us to think carefully before choosing to wear sexy underwear to determine the occasion.

Dressed in sexy underwear fitness, it is recommended to start from Jane

Wearing a sexy underwear fitness is a very personal choice, but it is recommended that novices start from Jane.Choose a light and soft sexy underwear to gradually increase the difficulty of exercise and bare.After understanding and familiarity with the body’s related response, you gradually try to exercise, binding, etc. are exposed and difficult exercise methods.

The perfect combination of sexy underwear and fitness

Wearing sexy underwear can not only make us more confident, but also allow us to experience the joy of eroticism in sports.Because the process of wearing a sexy underwear is full of confidence and satisfaction itself.It is a matter of pursuing the happiness of being able to experience fun during fitness.

Finally, wearing a fun underwear fitness is undoubtedly a pleasant experience.But it should be noted that we must also choose according to factors such as the occasion, our own comfort, nakedness and other factors.If you can grasp these important details, I believe wearing sexy underwear fitness will definitely make our lives happier and exciting.

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