Wear sex underwear for spray novels

Wear sex underwear for spray novels

Interest underwear is a must -have for modern women to show their charm.It can not only break the traditional constraints, but also allow women to have more fun in sex.In this article, we will introduce novels wearing sexy underwear to spray refreshing to show you more sexual fun.

Choose the right sexy underwear

First of all, we must wear a sexy sexy underwear to achieve better sexual effects.It should be noted that different figures need different sexy underwear, and you must choose a sexy underwear that suits you according to your body.Some sexy underwear is used for flirting and can be used in love or love or foreplay.And some sexy underwear is used in sex before and sex. It needs to be matched with different toys to get better results.

Join a pleasant toy

The use of sexy underwear and toys can better stimulate women’s sensitive areas.For example, Clitoral Vibrator allows women to experience a stronger pleasure.In addition, wearable toys are also a good choice. For example, wearable G -spot stimulators can dynamically follow women’s body curves and bring more real stimuli to women.

Interesting role -playing

When your sexy underwear is ready, you can also try some interesting role -playing.For example, with the theme of special occupations such as nurses, police, and stewardess to inject some freshness into sexual life.When you are wearing a doctor’s white coat, you will be more confident, and your partner will feel very exciting.

Different parts of stimulation

In sexual life, sensitive areas are diverse.Not only the basic vagina and breasts, but also the anus, feet, hind neck, ears, etc.If you stimulate these sensitive areas one by one, it will make your sex more fulfilling.

Heating up gradually

Sex is not a meal, you don’t need to rush to achieve success.You can gradually heat up and give your partner enough time to enjoy your story.With meditation, massage and kiss, you can improve your sexual quality.

Follow your emotional state

In sex, the state of emotions is also important.Some people need excitement to excite, while others need a relaxed atmosphere.Following your emotional state can help you better adjust your sexy underwear.

Follow your heart

In the process of having sex, sometimes there is no deviation or imperfect condition.We must remember that these are not important.What’s more important is to follow your own mind and enjoy the pleasure and happiness brought by sex life.

in conclusion

Wearing sexy erotic underwear, plus stimulating toys and imaginative role -playing, it has a positive effect on stimulating women’s sexual desire and improving the quality of sex.If you want to have a more wonderful sex experience, in terms of sexy underwear and sex toys, you need to choose according to your actual situation and personality, and try new ways with your heart to achieve a more wonderful sex effect.

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