Wear sex underwear outside

Introduction: Is it feasible to wear sexy underwear outside?

It is a common thing to wear sexy underwear at home or on bed, but wearing sexy underwear in public places or life is relatively rare.Is it suitable for sex underwear to wear outside?Let’s discuss this issue from different perspectives.

First aspect: Self -feeling

For self -confident women, wearing sexy underwear will make them feel their sexy and attractiveness outside.This feeling helps women to shape their own confident image and make themselves more confidently facing all challenges in life and work.

Second aspect: wear occasion

Selecting the occasions of sexy underwear should be properly selected. In special occasions such as theme parties, nightclubs, or Valentine’s Day, wearing sexy underwear will be more dotted. It can not only meet the sexy needs of women, but also add a lot of color to the entire event.

Third aspect: comfort

Wearing a sexy underwear or office may not be practical enough, because sexy underwear usually uses thin materials, without the support and comfort of ordinary underwear, so sexy underwear with higher quality and comfortable underwear is outside.The best choice for wear.

Fourth aspect: color and style choice

Before choosing sexy underwear outside, consider the color and style.It is best to choose more conservative colors and styles, otherwise it will look too sloppy and exposed.For example, choose colors such as black, red, white or purple, or simple and smooth lines of sexy underwear.

Fifth aspect: atmosphere matching

When wearing fun underwear outside, pay attention to the matching of the atmosphere.If wearing sexy underwear on some popular occasions, it will appear too obtrusive and uncoordinated.Matching appropriate clothing and environment on appropriate occasions will make the effect of sexy underwear better.

Sixth aspect: Consider the experience of partner

If you wear sexy underwear when facing your partner, it is beneficial. When you want to wear a sexy underwear outside, you must also consider the feelings of the other half to see if the other half will feel embarrassed or will be uncomfortable because of your dress.Essence

Seventh aspect: Personal taste

Everyone’s taste is different. Some people think that wearing sexy underwear is very sexy and meets their own aesthetics and pursuit.Some people think that wearing sexy underwear is too exposed and indecent, so they are unwilling to wear them outside and suffer from others.

Eighth aspect: social concept

Interesting underwear is generally related to sex, which has also aroused some controversy of social concepts.In some countries and regions, sexy underwear is naked in public, and will be criticized and questioned.Therefore, when wearing sexy underwear, we must consider social conceptual factors.

Ninth aspect: hidden safety hazard

Interest underwear is usually purely designed for sexy and sex. It does not involve security and protection. If wearing sexy underwear outside, it will increase some hidden dangers. For example, if you wear too little hot day, it will cause infection.

Tenth aspect: Summary

In summary, everyone has their own opinions and considerations on whether to wear sexy underwear.If you want to wear, do a good job of investigation and research in advance, consider the occasion and personal taste, and the temperature suitable for comfort. It is matched with appropriate clothing and pay attention to social etiquette to show his sexy and charm outside.

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