Wear sex underwear to eat milk

Wear sex underwear to eat milk

Sex underwear is designed as a sexy clothing, usually made of appropriate materials, with various colors and styles.In actual, wearing sexy underwear has a great effect on increasing the taste and passion between husband and wife.This article will analyze wearing fun underwear and feeding, and give some related tips.

1. Prepare to wear sexy underwear

Before wearing a sexy underwear, you need to find a sexy underwear that suits you and his partner.There are many sexy underwear on the market now, and you can choose according to your preferences and body conditions of your and partners.Furthermore, prepare some supplies, such as pacifiers, breast pumps and chest pads.

2. Put on sexy underwear and prepare pacifiers and other items

After selecting a good underwear, you can use various makeup and accessories to increase the atmosphere.For example, selective lipstick and eye shadow.After that, prepare bras and pacifiers and other items. After wearing fun underwear, you can start to enjoy intimate time.

3. Choose the right position and start feeding

Choose a comfortable room and arrange a place to make you and your baby feel comfortable.While wearing a sexy underwear, find a suitable place to relax and facilitate the care of the baby.

4. Create a romantic atmosphere

Against the lingerie, you can choose some romantic music and atmosphere to make the atmosphere even more colorful.You can turn off TV music and choose some soft music to relax your body and add sexy atmosphere.

5. Find the appropriate posture

Wearing a sexy lingerie and eating milk can choose different postures and positions according to your needs.For example, holding the baby with each other lingering with each other, or sitting in bed to feed.Choose a comfortable posture as much as possible, which is convenient to feed, but also adds sexy sexy underwear.

6. Find a comfortable time

It is necessary to choose a good time in wearing a sexy underwear.For example, before the baby sleeps or after lunch, it can avoid the dissatisfaction and dispersion of the baby.If you need, you can try some new methods, such as the appropriate toy for your baby.

7. Pay attention to safety and hygiene issues

In the process of wearing a sexy lingerie, health and safety issues should be paid attention to.Especially for newborns, pay attention to whether the nipples are clean to avoid bacterial infection.At the same time, choosing a suitable chest -protective pad can avoid nipples and do not ignore safety issues.

8. Attention to the other party

Wearing a sexy underwear to eat breasts beautifully reflects the beauty of maternity and the charm of women.In this process, you can use a variety of skills to attract your partner’s attention and increase interest and passion.For example, you can use your teeth to gently stimulate your partner’s earlobe and neck.

9. Use the breast suction device to help

In the process of wearing a sexy underwear, there are sometimes insufficient breast milk or other problems.You can use the milk suction device to help, so that the milk is more sufficient and keep the milk smooth.At the same time, a reasonable use of milk suction device can also deepen the experience.

10. Explore different methods

Wearing a sexy underwear and eating milk requires themselves to explore and experience it with my partner.You can discover more and better methods and skills together, so that the sexy taste of sexy underwear is released.Thus more deeply feel the love and intimacy between husband and wife.

In short, wearing sexy underwear and eating milk can add a sexy atmosphere and increase the taste and passion between husband and wife.However, in this process, we also need to pay attention to safety and hygiene issues to ensure the health and safety of the baby.The most important thing is that wearing a sexy underwear to eat and eat it requires communication and thinking. Different methods and experiences are a very good way to increase the feelings between husband and wife.

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