Wear the number of physical and sexy underwear

Wear the number of physical and sexy underwear

Even the sexy underwear is more and more popular with women with its romantic and sexy and luxurious beauty.From transparent lace to artificial leather, from princess style to wild nature, you can find many different style of sexy lingerie.How to make the best choice when buying, let’s take a look together.


When choosing a physical and sexy underwear, the first thing is to consider.Different materials will provide you with different feelings.If you want to find a soft and detailed texture, then silk or lace is your first choice.If you want some more exciting and unusual experiences, then artificial leather and grid materials will be more suitable for you.


When choosing a sexy underwear, style is also a key factor.There are many styles and styles to choose from, such as naked lace, more convenient to put on and off, spliced and elegant, high -necked aristocratic style, as well as sleeveless, short sleeves, long sleeves, and so on.


In the minds of many people, even physical underwear seems to have a certain taste.Therefore, many of the physical and sexy underwear have a number, which are usually related to some specific situations.For example, the SM or BDSM field has a lot of different sex games.


The size is another factor that needs to be considered when buying a physical sex underwear.Due to the tight design of the body’s sexy underwear, the size FIT and non -FIT will be very obvious.If you want a smooth appearance or pressure, make sure it fit when choosing.


Even the comfort of body sex underwear is the most important factor when choosing, especially for women who have worn for a long time.Even factors such as material, restraint, filling and other factors of body sex underwear will affect comfort.Therefore, be sure to choose a physical and sexy underwear that suits you.


Auxiliary attached to the colorful underwear needs to be considered.For example, when buying a piece of sexy underwear, you can choose to equipped with stockings, handcuffs and other accessories to enhance your dressing effect.At the same time, some accessories can make you more confident in sex toy exploration.


Even physical underwear is a high -standard clothing that needs to maintain its integrity and shape.To avoid it deforming or hanging lace or special material, it will be more insurance to collect it.Even if it is stored, it must be in the safe or other safe places.

Dark washing

Choosing different types of conjoined erotic underwear is a huge job.Different materials and different colors may require different ways of washing.For dark -colored sexy underwear, a soft detergent should be used to avoid color loss and damage.It is recommended to wash it with hand, and do not mix in the washing machine of other dark clothes together.


Dai Lian’s sexy underwear is a very interesting attempt in men and women.Still remind you that wearing a sexy underwear is a sex game that requires you and your lover to have a high degree of trust and cooperation.Wearing sex underwear and trying different role -playing can help you release your sexual passion.So, try to wear a body of sexy underwear to challenge the limits of you and your partner.

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