Wearing a sexy lingerie on the inside


In recent years, sexy underwear has become more and more popular in the lives of the public.In addition to being a prop, many people also wear it as daily clothing.In Japanese AV movies, you can also see many actresses wearing sexy underwear and covering a windbreaker. This method of dressing looks very sexy and mysterious visually.So what are the details worth noting?

Color choice

When wearing a sexy underwear inside and a trench coat on the outside, the color choice is very important.If the color of the underwear is too dazzling, then the trench coat should try to choose dark colors, so as to create a mysterious and sexy atmosphere.

Underwear style

When choosing a sexy underwear, the style also needs to be considered.If you choose too fancy or exaggerated styles, it may weaken the overall visual effect.It is recommended to choose a simple and generous, beautiful curve style, so that it can better highlight the beautiful body of women.

Windbreaker length

The length of the trench coat must be considered.If the length of the trench coat is too long, the visual effect of the underwear will be greatly reduced.It is recommended to choose a slightly shorter windbreaker to better highlight the sexy and charm of the underwear.

Texture of underwear

The texture is also the focus of the choice of underwear. You must choose a comfortable, breathable, soft, and comfortable material, so that women can feel more confident and comfortable when wearing sex underwear.

Material of a jacket

The material of the coat is also important.You can choose some high -grade and fashionable materials, such as leather, sheepskin, fur, etc. This reflects a noble and sexy feeling, which will make people shine.

Choice of jacket

When choosing a jacket with a sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose some simple and generous styles.For example, trench coats, jackets, short jackets, etc. Do not choose too complicated styles, otherwise it will involve too much visual attention.


When wearing a trench coat on the outside of sexy underwear, the matching of the hairstyle is also very important.You should choose a simple and generous hairstyle, do not choose too exaggerated hairstyles, otherwise it will look very tacky and vulgar.

Make -up matching

The matching of makeup is also extremely important.It is necessary to focus on the simple and generous style, highlight the exquisite features of women, and do not need to be too exaggerated makeup, otherwise it will look very good.

Reference actress

If you are not sure how to match, you can refer to the way of dressing some successful actresses or models. You can refer to some professional magazines to wear experience and refer to some authentic Japanese fashion styles. This can get inspiration and revelation.EssenceBut do not imitate excessive, but also need to discover your unique style.


It is a way to wear mystery and sexy way of wearing a trench coat on the inside of sexy underwear, but you also need to pay attention to many details when you wear it.You need to choose the right underwear style and color, match the right windbreaker and coat, match the right hairstyle and makeup, and so on.Only by careful consideration of each detail can we truly create a sexy and mysterious effect.

Finally, I hope that while wearing sexy underwear, we must also pay attention to their inner health and happiness, cherish their body and soul.

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