Wearing a sexy underwear field exposure

How to choose sexy underwear suitable for exposed in the wild

It is a stimulating sexual way to expose the wild. Wearing suitable sexy underwear can make you more confident and sexy.But what are the aspects of choosing sexy underwear suitable for exposed in the wild?

Important style choice

In the field of field exposure, you need to pay more attention to the style choice of sexy underwear than usual.First of all, it is recommended to choose underwear with details such as buttons, straps or zippers, which can increase you some mysterious feeling.In addition, you can choose a sexy underwear with stock belt, making you more sexy and not easy to fall off.

Material selection

The environment exposed in the wild is different from the interior, so the material of the sexy underwear needs to change.It is recommended to choose materials with waterproof, sun protection, and breathable effects, which can be exempted from the trouble of ultraviolet, moisture or sweat.In addition, soft materials can make you more comfortable without causing too much compression to the skin.

Color matching

In the field of field, color matching is also very important.Choosing some gorgeous colors can be more attractive. While integrating into nature, it can also impress people.However, be careful not to choose too bright colors to avoid attracting unnecessary attention.

Choice of the place

After choosing a suitable sexy underwear suitable for the wild, you also need to choose a suitable place, such as parks, wild and other places are good choices.Pay attention to avoid the dense crowds, so as not to be noticed by passers -by and cause unnecessary trouble.At the same time, we must also avoid choosing dangerous places to ensure the safety of the entire process.

Pay attention to the atmosphere

It is also important to create a suitable atmosphere when the wild exposure is exposed.You can choose to play sexy music or choose the appropriate time, such as at dusk or under the moonlight to create a close and mysterious atmosphere.Throughout the process, pay attention to your safety and physical feelings at all times to ensure that only pleasant and beautiful memories stay.

Choose appropriate weather

The southern region is warm all year round, and the condition of the endocrine is sufficient; the northern region may be prone to low temperature in winter; if it is spring and summer or particularly sunny days, you can choose more open underwear; if it is autumn and winter, you can choose some warmthType sexy underwear to keep temperature.In short, the most important thing is to dress comfortably without allowing you to be buried in the body.

respect others

When exposing in the wild, you must respect others.Make sure your behavior will not cause trouble or discomfort to other people.If someone else appears, you can choose to leave as soon as possible and wait for the crowd to disperse before continuing; if unexpected events occur, you should also take measures in time and leave the scene as soon as possible.

Don’t exceed your personal bottom line

Although it is stimulated in the wild, it must follow its own personal bottom line.Don’t blindly pursue stimuli and ignore security and personal dignity.If you have any discomfort or anxiety, you should stop your behavior in time and leave the scene.Only when your body and psychology are ready can you get the best experience.


It is an exciting experience in the wild, but it also needs to pay attention to safety and respect others.Choose a suitable sexy underwear, place and atmosphere, and abide by the principles of behavior and your own bottom line to ensure a pleasant experience and good memories.

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