Wearing a sexy underwear in the wild exposed breasts

1 Introduction

As one of the important elements of sex games, sexy underwear not only helps to increase interest, but also makes the sexual life between husband and wife more rich and interesting.However, when wearing sexy underwear to participate in the field activities, how to choose the right underwear style is a very important thing.

2. Choose a good comfortable underwear

When choosing sexy underwear, comfort is an important indicator.After all, if the underwear is uncomfortable, it will not only affect the experience of interest, but also affect the comfort of field operations.Therefore, it is recommended to choose good fabrics with good fabrics.

3. Choose underwear that conforms to your figure

Different figures need different underwear, so when choosing sexy underwear, you must also consider your body.If the underwear is too tight or loose, it will affect comfort and appearance.Therefore, it is recommended to buy underwear that is in line with your figure.

4. Choose underwear that can show the body advantage

One of the main functions of sexy underwear is to show the figure, so it is especially important to choose underwear that can show the body’s advantages.Full women can choose underwear with deep V or waist design, thin women can choose small underwear, and so on.

5. Pay attention to the degree of exposure

When exposed in the wild, sexy underwear is often used as a equipment.However, the degree of exposure needs to be adjusted carefully.Excessive exposure will not only cause discomfort or even alarm of others, but also increase their own safety hazards.

6. The choice of accessories is also important

For some people who want to use sexy underwear to expose activities, it is recommended to consider it carefully when choosing underwear accessories.For example, select necklaces, bracelets, waist chains and other accessories that can fix underwear and increase the appearance effect of underwear.

7. Don’t rely too much on underwear

Low -quality people may treat underwear as the only condition that exposed, in fact, this is increasing their own risks and disrespect for others.Before exposing the wild, you should consider the risk factors in an all -round way, and do not rely on underwear to achieve your purpose.

8. Pay attention to the hygiene of underwear

Sex underwear is usually private items, so the hygiene of underwear needs to attract attention.Before choosing a sexy underwear, it should be ensured that its hygiene should be cleaned and disinfected after use.

9. Select underwear color in cooperation with the situation

Different colors will have different effects in different cases.When revealing in the wild, choosing more conspicuous colors will help achieve the desired effect.But in some areas or in cases, dark underwear may appear more appropriate.

10. Conclusion

As part of sexy underwear as part of the sex game, it helps to increase interest and enhance the relationship between husband and wife.In the wild, it is very important to choose the appropriate sexy underwear, which can make the activity more comfortable, interesting and safe.

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