Wearing a sexy underwear requires makeup

Why do we need makeup in sexy underwear?

Wearing a sexy underwear is to show their sexy and charm, and makeup can further enhance the charm and temperament of women.Some exquisite sexy underwear needs to be paired with exquisite makeup to be perfectly presented.Makeup can emphasize facial contours, enhance gas fields, adjust skin tone, and supplement facial defects, so that the charm of body and underwear can be more comprehensive.

What is the effect of makeup on sexy underwear?

There are two main aspects of makeup on sexy underwear.First of all, reasonable makeup can make the face and body look more full of God, and the whole person looks more sexy and charming.Secondly, makeup can enhance personal self -confidence and self -esteem, so that the sexy underwear can be better displayed.Therefore, wearing a sexy underwear must be made up.

How to make makeup to better match sexy underwear?

In terms of makeup, the matching requirements with erotic underwear are relatively high, and you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

Choose makeup suitable for skin tone and underwear color.For example, dark erotic underwear can be paired with dark eye shadow, and red underwear can be paired with red lipstick.

Makeup should be light and natural, and it should not be too heavy, otherwise it will affect the overall effect.

Different from the face and body makeup, the body’s emulsion with uniform skin tone should be used to better show the outline of the underwear.

Appropriate use of highlights and shadows, emphasizing the body curve, making the body look more plump and sexy.

What details do I need to pay attention to in makeup?

Although there are many details of makeup, the following aspects are particularly focused on:

Before makeup, pay attention to remove the sweat and excess oil on the face and body, and apply a moisturizing cream or lotion to prevent the skin from color difference, unevenness, allergies, etc.

When using cosmetics such as foundation and concealer, it should be as fine, uniform and fully fused as possible, otherwise the makeup will be unnatural.

Use cosmetics such as eye shadow, lipstick and foundation with less stuck powder to make the makeup more lasting.

Try to choose long -lasting cosmetics to reduce makeup from makeup and faint.

What makeup errors need to be avoided when wearing sex underwear?

Avoid makeup errors when wearing sex underwear:

The makeup is too heavy or the dress is too heavy, and there will be a sense of conflict, but it cannot reflect the taste of sexy underwear.

Avoiding too casual and random hairstyle is not conducive to adjusting temperament and gas field.

Avoid using too jumping and fancy colors, it is easier to make makeup and dress too cumbersome.

What makeup skills need to pay attention to when wearing sex underwear?

Pay attention to the following makeup techniques when wearing sex underwear:

Use glittering powder to create visual effects to increase the gorgeous sense of makeup, making the gas field more powerful.

Create the amount and quality of blush and lip gloss, show the layered and stylish sense of makeup.

If necessary, you can use a revealing sexy underwear to dress up with a beautiful curve to understand the special makeup and styling skills using different underwear.

How to choose suitable sexy lingerie styles and colors?

The following aspects need to be considered to choose suitable sexy lingerie styles and colors:

Skin contrast.People with light skin color are suitable for choosing bright colors of sexy underwear. Copper and dark skin people are suitable for choosing blue or green underwear.

Body and size.Choosing a suitable size and style sexy underwear not only allows the figure to show a sexy curve, but also reflects temperament and wearing comfort.

Application.Different occasions require different colors and styles of sexy underwear. For example, there are some business etiquettes that need to wear light -colored underwear, and some night shows are more suitable for black or red underwear.

What details need to pay attention to sexy underwear with makeup?

Sex underwear with makeup needs to pay attention to the following details:

The matching of underwear and makeup colors should be coordinated, and there should be no conflict or unsuitable situation.

The style of sexy underwear needs to be matched with the corresponding makeup according to the curves of the human body to make the adjustment more natural and show better results.

The texture and fabric of sexy underwear can affect the display of makeup. Some satin and lace texture can increase the gorgeous sense of makeup.


Wearing a sexy underwear requires makeup, this is to make the charm of body and underwear more comprehensive.Makeup can further enhance women’s appearance charm and temperament, adding color to sexy lingerie.When mating with sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the coordination of makeup and underwear colors, styles, temperament, and occasions to make sexy and charming more natural, and make women more charming charm.

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