Wearing meat socks, sexy underwear

Wearing meat socks, sexy underwear

Meat stockings are one of the common types of sexy underwear. It combines meat stockings and sexy underwear, emphasizing female body curves and sexy temperament.However, wearing meat and stockings requires some techniques. The following will introduce some precautions and skills to wear meat and stockings.

Choose suitable meat and stockings in sex underwear

The first step of wearing meat and stockings is to choose the underwear that suits you.When choosing, you should choose according to your body, temperament and age, and you cannot blindly follow the trend or pursue the aesthetics of others.At the same time, we must also consider your own psychological tolerance and actual situation. Do not choose the style that is too exposed or not suitable for your own.

With suitable shoes

The second step of wearing meat and stockings is to choose suitable shoes.Shoes should be matched with underwear to enhance the overall effect.If you wear high heels, choose the high -heeled ones, and pay attention to the size of the feet, otherwise it will break the overall image.

Pay attention to the quality of meat stockings

The quality of meat and stockings of meat stockings is very important.Choose meat stockings that are good, elastic, odorless, and not easy to break.These are all knowledge that you need to consider. If you do n’t understand, you can consult or ask professionals online.

Make a proper way to wear

Performing meat socks in sexy underwear is also important.If the length of the meat stockings is too long or too short, it will affect the beauty.The position of meat stockings should be consistent with the height of the underwear, and don’t be too high or too low.In addition, pay attention to the placement of meat stockings, and do not have wrinkles.

Careful care of meat and stockings, sexy underwear

After wearing meat socks, you should take care of it.Avoid rubbing with the environment, do not sit next to the sharp items, try not to sit where the ground just scratched.Meat stockings also need to be replaced and cleaned regularly, do not wear old or unclean meat stockings sexy underwear.

keep warm

Although wearing meat and stockings, although the sexy underwear can show women’s sexy, it will also cool the body.In winter or cold weather, you can wear warm stockings or shorts between underwear and meat stockings to protect your health.

Change the sexy underwear in a timely manner

Don’t wear the same meat stockings for more than 24 hours, otherwise it will easily breed bacteria and cause infection.Replace underwear and meat stockings every day to keep clean and comfortable.In addition, if the sexy underwear is damaged or deformed, it should be replaced in time to maintain sexy and beautiful.

Do not pretend to

Do not put on meat socks and stocks. Do not make it pretentious. You must match your own personality and temperament, and naturally show your charm.Don’t blindly imitate others or pursue excessive exaggerated results, find unparalleled self.

in conclusion

Pay attention to many details of wearing meat and stockings. You must not only choose the style and quality that suits you, but also pay attention to the method of dressing, matching shoes, keeping warm, replacement and care.But the most important thing is self -confidence, and a self -confident woman can better show the beauty of underwear.So, put on meat and stockings to make a sexy underwear, and attack confidently!

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