Welling underwear subway security inspection

Welling underwear subway security inspection

As a private clothing, sexy underwear is specially favored by people.However, with the strengthening of security measures, many people are worried that they will be subject to security checks when riding a subway with sexy underwear.

The material and design characteristics of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a kind of underwear designed specifically to enhance sexy and charm.Compared with ordinary underwear, sexy underwear is usually thinner, more transparent, and tighter, which can fully show the curve of women’s figure, and at the same time, it is more innovative and bold in design.

The impact of subway security inspection on sexy underwear

In the subway security inspection, security checkups are usually issued alert because the metal buckle and skeleton of sex underwear will be tested and identified as ordinary bank cards, ID cards, mobile phones and other items.This makes some women dare not carry sexy underwear, or endure discomfort and embarrassment during security checks.

How to avoid security issues

In order to avoid encountering the problem of erotic underwear in subway security checks, we can choose some styles without metal buckles and skeleton. This kind of sex underwear has many options to choose from, such as no steel bra and bone -free panties.

How to correctly match the sexy underwear

Correctly matching erotic underwear can make our visual impression more profound and more attractive.Suitable accessories and jackets are essential for the display of sexy underwear.Especially in public, in order to avoid being too exposed, we need to use a jacket or thin see -through clothing.

Interesting underwear cleaning and custody precautions

Sex underwear requires special cleaning and storage methods.According to different materials and design, we can use laundry bags, hand washing, drying, etc. to avoid damaging design elements such as lace and ribbon during cleaning.When storage, we can choose a dedicated underwear box for storage to avoid being eroded by sunlight and humidity.

Suggestions for the purchase of sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, choose a style that suits your style and figure.Pay attention to choosing underwear suitable for your own material and size to avoid uncomfortable wear.You can choose brands and products with good word -of -mouth and high quality to ensure the comfort and safety of underwear.

The impact of subway security inspection on sexy underwear

Metro security has a certain role in promoting the rise of sexy underwear.As a fashionable and sexy clothing, sexy underwear will gradually diversify and personalize its market demand, facing more different consumer groups.

Sexy underwear also needs to make consumers more confident and comfortable

From the problem of subway security checks, the popularity and popularity of the sex underwear market requires more user confidence and security.The manufacturers of sexy underwear should pay more attention to the safety and quality of their products, and adapt to the changes and needs of society by improving design and innovative solutions.


In short, when choosing and wearing sexy underwear, we should pay attention to comfort and security to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment in public places.At the same time, the market demand for sex underwear will tend to diversify and personalized. Manufacturers need to pay more attention to the innovation and security of their products, and provide consumers with better services and products.

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