What are the qualifications for sexy underwear exports

Overview of sexy underwear export qualifications

As a special costume, sexy underwear has good sales in foreign markets, and the demand for exporting markets has continued to rise.However, like other clothing products exports, the exit of sex underwear also requires specific qualifications and certifications.

ISO9001/14001 certification

ISO9001 is the certification of the international quality system standard, and ISO14001 is an environmental management system certification.These two certifications are particularly important for companies that manufacture and export sexy underwear, because these two certifications cover enterprise quality standards and environmental protection standards.In foreign markets, these two certified sexy underwear products are more reliable.

certified product

For sex underwear products itself, the market has specific certification requirements for it.For example, the European market requires CE certification, and the US market needs FCC certification.Enterprises need to ensure that the product itself meets the certification standards of the market to obtain export qualifications.

Export declaration information

For companies that export sex underwear, there is a complete customs declaration information.This includes import and export rights certificate, customs receipt and receipt of import and export goods, price execution forms, etc.Complete customs declaration materials can help avoid unnecessary trouble and controversy.

Corporate qualification

Enterprises themselves also need to have certain qualifications and certificates.Such as business licenses, tax registration certificates, organization code certificates, entry and export operating rights certificates, etc.Strictly abide by various specifications can enterprises provide customers with high -quality sexy underwear products and high -quality services.

Regulations on export countries/regions

Each country and region have certain regulations on the exports of sexy underwear.Enterprises should first understand the specific provisions of each country and region to avoid any unnecessary problems and controversy.

Export price and logistics

In addition to qualifications and certification, prices and logistics are also the key elements to determine whether to successfully export sexy underwear.Enterprises need to flexibly formulate prices according to market demand and competitors’ price levels, and select logistics methods that are safe, efficient and can meet market demand.

Brand consciousness

In addition to the above conditions, the company’s own brand influence is also one of the important factors affecting the export of sexy underwear.In foreign markets, well -known brands can often get more consumers’ trust and praise, increasing export success rate and sales income.


In the process of exporting erotic underwear, companies need to establish a good cooperative relationship with partners such as port agency, insurance company, and international freight agency.Partners with long -term cooperative relationships are easier to understand and cooperate with each other, and successfully complete the export business.

Market development trend

With the continuous in -depth of the globalization process and the accelerated development of international trade, the export market of sex underwear is very broad.Especially in mature markets such as Europe and the Americas, consumers have continued to improve the quality and style of sexy underwear, and have put forward higher requirements and opportunities for export sex underwear companies.

in conclusion

In the process of erotic underwear export business, we can reasonably grasp the above elements, improve the management level and service quality of the enterprise, fully understand the export market, give full play to the brand advantages, rely on reliable partners, and in the continuous development of the international market in the international market, The success of the export business and higher economic benefits will be obtained.

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