What certificate do I need to apply for sexy underwear online

What certificate do I need to apply for sexy underwear online

Selling sexy underwear online is a special product sales industry, with special attributes of sexy, private, and sexual appliances.Therefore, if you want to carry out this business, you need to master some necessary knowledge, such as which certificates do you need and how to comply with business ethics.Below, we will analyze these issues one by one.

1. "Measures for the Administration of Service Management of Third -Party Platform of Online Commodity Transactions"

Because sexy underwear is a product that involves privacy, it is necessary to apply for a series of certificates to sell sexy underwear on the Internet.First of all, what you need to understand is that Internet sales need to be carried out in accordance with the law. The above -mentioned "Measures" is a regulation of Internet sales. If you want to open a sexy underwear shop on the Internet, you must comply with the requirements of this regulation.

2. E -commerce business license

There are many certificates required to open an online store. The first is e -commerce business license.This is the legal permit for operating network sales, which is particularly suitable for the nature of adult products.

3. "Network Security Law"

To sell sexy underwear on the Internet, you need to comply with the "Network Security Law" to protect your customers’ personal privacy, and the scope involves personal information, electronic vouchers and network security.

4. Trademark registration certificate

The use of trademarks is not the privilege enjoyed by some luxury goods. The reason for applying for trademarks is that products can easily distinguish other people to distinguish your products and your trademarks, strengthen the popularity of your product and resistance to competitors.

5. Health Certificate

The key to selling sexy underwear requires higher sanitation standards, and products need to be tested and controlled.Sales sex underwear requires a health certificate. This is a test quality certificate required before each product is sold.

6. Business license

Small enterprises need to apply for a license.According to the maintenance of the enterprise, obtaining the license according to local conditions is an operating license.

7. Corresponding bank account

Logging in some websites requires a registered account or cooperation. You need to open the corresponding bank account to make your company’s transaction income.

Eight, ensure the privacy of user data

It is often an important added value of the system and services that ensure the privacy of user data or to prevent false transactions.

9. The contact information of the contact office of the Shanghai Market Supervision and Administration Bureau

As an online salesperson, you should also check the latest business license certification information in a timely manner, and contact the Shanghai Market Supervision and Administration Bureau to consult more business experience.

10. Good business ethics

Not only must you apply for relevant certificates, but you also need good business ethics.Online sales of sexy lingerie requires respect for the privacy of customer information, obeying the law of law, and ensuring the health standards of goods.Maintaining integrity is an important prerequisite for any company.


If you want to sell sexy underwear online, the determination of control standards is very important. Applying licenses are the prerequisite for selling sexy underwear on the Internet, and it will not be more difficult for customers to trust the trust of customers.Therefore, if you want to sell sexy underwear online, your or your team must strictly abide by relevant laws, regulations, and rules and regulations to ensure stable operations in market competition.

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