What do you do for sex underwear yourself?

Introduction: The special feature of sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is generally sexy, playful and irritating, and often plays a very special role in the bedroom.And making a sexy underwear can not only meet your aesthetic needs, but also make your objects more fascinating.This article will introduce you to how to make a messy underwear by yourself.

Step 1: Select the material of making sexy underwear

First of all, we need to prepare some basic materials, such as transparent lace, linen satin, thin velvet cloth and so on.Of course, there are some decorative supplies, such as lace lace, beads, bow and so on.When selecting the material, consider factors such as texture, breathability and softness.

Step 2: Make a bra cup

First of all, use scissors and needle threads to cut out two bray cups according to the shape of the satin or lace material you chose, and sew a circle of lace on the convex point.Then, stitch the bra cup with a button hook and the shoulder strap.

Step 3: Cutting the bottom part

Then, we need to cut out a bottom of the underwear from the personal satin or thin velvet Bourry, and then add lace.It should be noted that the materials at the bottom should be soft, comfortable, and elastic.It can also be used to keep the inside clean and dry.

Step 4: Sewing bray cups and bottom

Next, we need to suture the bra cup and the bottom.We can use a sewing machine or handmade sewing, align the edge of the two, and then stitch it up from the bottom.When suture, keep the lines smooth as possible. Do not have traces of close -fitting clothing. At the same time, pay attention to the filling of the bray cup and the firmness of the suture.

Step 5: Increase the decorative effect

Next, we add some additional decoration to sexy underwear.For example, add jewelry or bow to the bottom, or add some tassel decoration or hollow petals to the bray cup.

Step 6: Try to penetrate and repair

Trying penetration is a very important step, because only in this way can you find the defects and deficiencies in the production process.If you find inappropriate places, such as sizes, filling, and not smooth lines, you need to repair it in time.You can also add accessories according to the actual situation, such as thickening or more comfortable materials.

Step 7: Save sex underwear

Make a good sexy underwear need to be kept well, especially for some customized sexy underwear.We can put it together, but we need to avoid mixing with other clothes, and we can put them alone in a small protective bag.Pay attention to cleaning to avoid too frequent washing.

Step 8: Share happily with the object

Finally, when you make a sexy underwear, you can share happiness with your object.The design and material of sex underwear are focused on comfort and breathability under the premise of satisfying sexy and stimuli.When you wear it with your object, you will definitely bring you some unexpected surprises and happiness to you and each other.

Conclusion: Make carefully, different

By making a sexy underwear to show your creativity and aesthetics, the sexy underwear made by carefully is unique in terms of comfort or sexy stimulation.At the same time, this is also a way to reflect the happiness of self and partner.I hope this article can provide you with some ideas and skills to create your own sexy underwear.

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