What does my husband have to buy sexy lingerie to wear

What does my husband have to buy sexy lingerie to wear


Recently, more and more female friends consult me with a question: What does my husband have to buy sex underwear?In traditional concepts, sexy underwear can be worn on women, which can add interest and increase emotional stimuli.But why do men buy it?What does it mean?Below I will analyze this problem from several aspects.

Increase interest

First of all, wearing sexy underwear can increase the taste of husband and wife life, and at the same time make women feel active.When a woman finds a sexy sexy underwear on the bed, she will feel that she is cared and loved, and she will increase her sense of intimacy and trust.In fact, men wearing sexy underwear can well stimulate women’s sexual desire and improve the quality of gender relations.

Shape a self -confidence image

Secondly, men wearing sexy underwear can shape a confident image.The requirements for men in society are getting higher and higher, and men’s self -confidence is becoming more and more fragile.Wearing sexy sexy underwear will disappear men’s inferiority, increase self -confidence, and help expand their horizons and stimulate men to face life and work more positive.

Express love

Third, men can express love in sexy underwear.In the relationship between gender, the expression of love is particularly important.In special days, in intimate moments, wearing erotic underwear can express their true feelings, and it is easier to win women’s hearts.Through this behavior, men can maximize their love tables and make themselves closer to their lover.

Open a new experience

In addition, men can also start new experiences in sexy underwear.In daily life, there are too many things that make us feel boring and lack interest in life.But wearing erotic underwear can not only satisfy your curiosity, but also inspire passion and desire in family life.To this end, men wearing sexy underwear or special styles of men’s underwear can experience different feelings and increase fun.

mutual respect

Finally, no matter what style of sexy underwear wears on, it is based on mutual respect.Compared to women, men wearing sexy underwear are relatively new and avant -garde, and they need a more open and confident mentality.At this time, couples need to establish mutual respect for each other. Only by grasping the sophistication and degree can we truly stimulate and enhance their feelings.Therefore, if men decided to put on sexy underwear, they should also respect and understand the feelings of women.


Since her husband has to buy sexy underwear, this shows that men are willing to stimulate the relationship between husband and wife in various ways, which is worthy of recognition.At the same time, couples should respect each other and grasp the size and degree in order to truly achieve the purpose of stimulating interest and enhancing feelings.

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