What kind of psychology who likes sexy underwear

What kind of psychology who likes sexy underwear

What are the psychology of people who like sexy underwear?From the perspective of psychology, we can discuss this issue.

1. Self -confidence in your body

Wearing sexy underwear requires a higher confidence in the body.Those who like sexy underwear are often confident in their figure and think that they are qualified to show their figure.This way of dressing can make yourself feel more beautiful and confident.Therefore, people who like to wear sex underwear usually do not mind small problems in the body, such as small flaws and flaws.

2. The pursuit of sex life

Another major factors wearing sexy underwear are sexual life.Many people wear sexy underwear to increase their sexual charm and add a stimulus and fun to their sexual life.It can be said that sexy underwear is a kind of auxiliary tool for some people.

3. The needs of showing love and being loved

Wearing erotic underwear allows some people to express their love and emotions.Some people buy sexy underwear for their partners to express their feelings and desire for each other.Some people wear sexy underwear, hoping to get the love and attention of their partners, so that they will occupy a more important position in the heart of the other half.

4. Try to get rid of the pressure in daily life

Many people feel pressured in daily life, and they need some ways to release their tension.Wearing sexy underwear can change the dullness of daily life, making them feel more relaxed and comfortable.

5. Stimulate the needs of your sensory experience

Wearing sexy underwear can make people feel different.Some people want to feel new feelings and experiences, so they choose to wear sexy underwear.This can stimulate their senses and allow them to have different touch and visual experience.

6. Challenge to traditional ideas

The rise of erotic underwear wearing culture also reflects the changes in traditional concepts.People no longer be ashamed of sexual expression and freedom.Wearing sexy underwear can make people feel free and relaxed, and challenge the constraints of traditional ideas.

7. Pay attention to your own image

People wearing sexy underwear will pay more attention to their external image and display.Those who like sexy underwear often know how to show their beauty and advantages.They pay more attention to their image and domination, hoping to attract more attention and superiority among women or men.

8. Pursue freshness and excitement

Another reason to wear sexy underwear is because they can provide a feeling of freshness and excitement.Dressing is one of the most basic needs in people’s lives. Wearing erotic underwear provides a special experience.Some people like to challenge different styles and styles to find more stimuli and freshness.

9. Pursue the feeling of freedom

Wearing sexy underwear, the first feeling brought by is freedom. Many people feel that the sexy underwear worn on the body can make themselves more beautiful, free and more comfortable.This feeling allows them to get a better mood and life experience.

10. Express your own personality

Choosing to wear sexy underwear is a very personalized choice.People who like to wear sexy underwear are largely to express their personality and style.Wearing sexy underwear can make people feel more independent and confident, and reflect the unique charm that others do not have.

Conclusion: People like to wear sexy underwear, in general due to a variety of complex psychology.This topic is not a single position, and everyone has their own reasons and motivations.Understanding and respecting the choice of others is one of the important foundations of establishing a healthy, stable and pleasant interpersonal relationship.

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