What needs to be prepared to wear sex underwear

What needs to be prepared to wear sex underwear

Wearing sex underwear is an exciting and challenging thing. In order to make sexy underwear more comfortable and beautiful, the following is a list of items that need to be prepared.

1. vest

Pay attention to maintaining your body and perfect curve.A good vest can provide support and form to make the body firmer.The vest material includes polyester fiber and elastic fiber. Choosing a suitable style that is suitable for your own can help you shape your ideal figure.

2. chest pad

The chest pad is one of the necessary items that make the chest look more upright. It can make the underwear more suitable for your figure and make you feel more confident.When choosing the chest pad, choose the personal chest shape and underwear. The cheering cup and an increased pad will help make the chest more upright.

3. No marks underwear

Warrison -free underwear is a must -have thing when wearing sexy underwear. It can avoid the overall shape of the underwear line and other traces.Use with underwear style style will make your shape more perfect.

4. Body socks

Body socks are a must -have for body shaping and body, and it is also very important when wearing sexy underwear.Wearing on your legs can avoid fatigue due to exercise, effectively improve comfort and beauty due to exercise.

5. Hand care products

When wearing a meaty or fish net sexy underwear, hand beauty products will be essential.In order to prevent the hands from drying and rough, hand cream, moisturizing solution and other products with moisturizing effects can be used.

6. Slim underwear

Slim underwear can fully tighten and shape the body, and some slim underwear can even have various shapes of shapes.Wearing these underwear can make the overall shape more perfect.

7. accessories

Some accessories such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or waist chains can be used to improve the beauty and personalization of sexy underwear.Choosing jewelry that matches underwear can increase the appeal of sexy underwear.

8. Girlfriend

When wearing sex underwear, it is best to choose a girlfriend closest to your girlfriend to help you suggest suggestions on the problems that appear, and increase the fun of wearing sexy underwear.Girlfriends can help you adjust, check underwear, and provide you with professional advice and opinions.

9. Mirror

Before wearing a sexy underwear, adjust the underwear in front of the mirror, check the folds, too large or too small, and carefully check the whole body, especially the back and hip parts to ensure the personal sense and comfort of the underwear.

10. Confidence

The most important thing is self -confidence.Although wearing erotic underwear is nervous, don’t forget that you are a beautiful and sexy woman. When you have confidence, sexy underwear will truly show its charm and beauty.

in conclusion

Wearing sex underwear is an exciting and challenging thing.For its preparation work, in addition to the above basic styles, there are more types and types waiting for you to discover and choose.No matter which aspect you are concerned about, the most important thing is to maintain confidence and have a close girlfriend to make her a partner to enter the world of sexy underwear.

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