What qualifications do you need to sell sexy underwear in Pinduoduo


With the openness and cognition of people’s concepts, the demand for sex underwear markets is also increasing.Among them, Pinduoduo is one of the fastest -growing e -commerce platforms.What qualifications do you need if you want to sell sexy underwear on Pinduoduo?This article will answer you one by one.

business license

As a seller of Pinduoduo, you first need to have a business license, which reflects the recognition of your business qualifications and certificate issuance agencies. It is also the basic requirement for Pinduoduo to settle in.The types of business licenses certified by Pinduoduo merchants include: business licenses, individual industrial and commercial households business licenses, three -certificate business license, and so on.You need to determine your business model and register the appropriate business license according to the business model.

Quality Certification

In Pinduoduo to sell sexy underwear, merchants need to provide the most basic quality assurance for products to ensure consumers’ purchasing experience and physical health.Applying CE, FDA, FCC, and ROHS certification is the most common quality certification method. Among them, CE certification is the most basic and widely used certification standard.In addition, Pinduoduo also has its own quality certification standards, which requires each sexy underwear to comply with the relevant provisions of the Pinduoduo website.

Brand awareness

Selling sexy underwear on Pinduoduo, a famous brand will bring you a lot of benefits.Brand popularity can increase consumers’ desire to buy and increase sales.In addition, brand awareness also helps merchants get more discounts and support in seller applications.


Selling sexy underwear in Pinduoduo, because of the fierce competition, you need to master some experience and skills.Among them, in the operation of the store, you need to pay attention to your profit status, and pay attention to the industry’s popularity and consumption trends, and adjust your online brand positioning in a timely manner.In operation, promoting advertising, promotional activities, etc. are also one of the essentials.

Operation team and customer service

When selling more sexy underwear, it is essential to have a strong and hard -working operating team and an efficient customer service team.The operating team needs to have a sensitive market insight and innovation spirit, as well as the ability to formulate and implement effective promotion operation strategies.The customer service team needs to have professional knowledge and efficient response capabilities to provide a first -class service experience to ensure consumers’ good shopping experience and reputation.

After -sales service

Selling sex underwear on Pinduoduo, merchants need to provide comprehensive and high -quality after -sales services, including solid product reference, complete information and complete after -sales protection.After -sales protection is an important part of shopping users.Pinduoduo’s after -sales service rules are very strict. If the after -sales service is improper, it is easy to be complained.

Commodity authorization

In Pinduoduo selling sexy underwear, if you are an agent or selling sexy underwear for other brands, you first need to obtain the brand’s authorization.After obtaining brand authorization, it is necessary to strictly abide by the brand’s sales policy and relevant provisions on the Pinduoduo website.

Deposit and commission

To open a store in Pinduoduo, merchants need to pay a certain amount of deposit, which is usually limited to within 10,000 yuan to ensure that consumer funds pay for the funding of merchant funds.In addition, in order to use the services provided by the Pinduoduo platform, merchants also need to pay commissions from Pinduoduo: distributed commissions (commodity commission), technical service fees, etc.

in conclusion

There are many qualifications for selling sexy underwear in Pinduoduo. Among them, not only the basic business license, quality certification and other certificates, but also various experience skills and resources to improve their competitiveness.But no matter what qualifications, the most important thing is to provide high -quality, harmonious, healthy, and safe products to create a good consumer reputation and enhance sales flow and revenue. This is the primary goal of merchants to develop more and growing.Essence

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